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Finding Peace of Mind in Twenty-First Century Consciousness Soup

Finding Peace of Mind in Twenty-First Century Consciousness Soup 

by Juliette Jones  

Back in the day, when I was training at Jackson Memorial Hospital to qualify for clinical certification as a chaplain, the interns were required to attend seminars related to the clinical aspect of our work. One of the more memorable video presentations featured Dr. Albert Ellis, Psy.D., founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).  

REBT was a highly publicized type of cognitive-behavioral therapy focused on helping clients change irrational beliefs. The basic message was that all people are born with a talent for “crooked thinking” and distorted misperceptions that sabotage the innate desire for well-being and healthy living. For a number of reasons, Ellis wasn’t initially well-received by mainstream clinical psychologists. In fact, he was known as “the Lenny Bruce of Psychotherapy” due in large part to his frequent use of obscene language as an element of his modus operandi. In time, however, he was ranked by his peers as the second most influential therapist in history (Freud came in third). 

In my own case, the technique proved memorable due to his opening remarks in the video, “For years now, I have had the quaint idea that all humansyes, the whole six billion of them on this planet—are out of their f–ing minds.” He went on to comment on this propensity for “crooked” and distorted thinking, but held out potential for change through self-acceptance and re-training. Today the human population is estimated at 7.6 billion, and in many ways, it appears that crazy has trumped over sense and sanity. Here are some instances of this: 


  • Violent social unrest and upheaval  

  • Extreme government dysfunction  

  • Looming biological disintegration due to genetic modification of food  

  • Gross pollution of soil and water  

  • Media glorification of violence and empty values  

  • Hyper-speed movement of technology and information  

  • Unprocessed stress of this accelerated pace  

  • Alienation from the natural world  

  • Global warming and mass extinction of species  

  • Surreptitious assault involving chemtrails 

  • Exposure to microwaves and other hazardous energy sources (like cell phones affecting brain cells)  

  • And, of course, pharmaceutical advertisements promising more harm than good, while soothing music plays in the background  


Many eminent scientists, including  Michio Kaku, now argue that space exploration is a necessity for human species survival. In his recent book The Future of Humanity, Kaku asserts that our future lies not on Earth, but in the stars. “Either we must leave the Earth, or we will perish, he urges.  


As population pressures, poverty, and competition for earth's finite resources rise,  

skills needed to function in society, and personal fears increase.  

John R. Minor, Ph.D. 


Not only have our millions of years of evolution not prepared people for the complex quantum leap of the last hundred years on this planet, but the soul-less, anti-life nature of much of this change has thrown the collective consciousness into a state of distress—in some cases, extreme upsettedness, feelings of disempowerment, and self- (or world-) sabotage. Psycho-spiritual and physical distress is mounting, and those who lack a well-formed spiritual core are drifting in a sea of existential anxiety which gives rise to a negative impact on how they behave. 


You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. 

Albert Einstein  


The overwhelming nature of this situation has caused much of the public to assume the position of denial. This might serve to protect the ego for a while, but it morphs into crooked perceptions, employing a great deal of energy which could be better put to use in a quest for deeper solutions.  A great many people are subject to a condition which I like to call “Psychic Autoimmune Disorder (PAD) by  failing to recognize or embracing phenomena that leads to their demise, such as pollution and destruction of an environment from which they are not separate.   


They that dwell in the secret place of the Most High shall 

abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” 

Psalm 91, Revised King James version 


When the world has turned upside down, we look for new habitation. Is it outer space as approached through external meansor rather, the infinite frontier of inner space? I am quite sure there are a few people on the planet who do dwell in the secret place of the Most High, and to strive for this habitation connects us to the power of deep guidance and protection of Creative Source. This realization is spoken poetically through various religions, but it is the experience of it that holds empowerment. For the record, Psalm 91 is worth studying, even memorizing, for the words point to the ultimate protective power. 


A Cosmic Initiation? 

Life is never without challenges—this is “Earth School,” and every creature in form has a ticket off the planet. Ultimately, the planet itself has a limited lifespan as well. The realization that all form is temporal can be a trigger for the quest toward spiritual realization, such as the enlightenment of the Buddha.  

It could be true that ultimate survival of the human species will depend on space travel. What is important now is how to find peace, health and direction in the current world cycle. When the human mind becomes transpersonally realized, an expanded consciousness manifests, offering a wider and more profound awareness to access guidance on how to live, what to do and how to find peace. While expansion of awareness offers new empowerment, we must act to follow through on knowledge and guidance. 


Everything Offers Opportunity—Make Friends with Change. 

Physical life embodies pairs of opposites—darkness/light, stress/relaxation, joy/sorrow and suffering/ecstasy to name a few examples. The tensions in living offer opportunity for greater living, eventually leading toward supernatural cognizance.  

Be here now and develop new appreciation for the sense that everything offers opportunity. In his book Jung and Steiner: The Birth of a New Psychology, Gerhart Wehr writes, “Out of the tensions (of opposites) something new comes into being; [C.G. Jung] himself knew this method belongs to the very nature of the psyche. He employed it many times. It requires the capacity to hold two irreconcilable positions together without seeking resolution. Something new will emerge.   

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