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Quit Habits the Easy Way

by Shana Rosenthal, CCH 


For most people, giving up a habit might be the greatest challenge they have ever undertaken. Some defeat their habits or addictions through pure motivation alone. However, most people find this approach just doesn't work for them. Determination on its own is an unreliable approach for beating addictions and habitsit works by using the conscious mind to defeat what are often complex, subconscious-based behavioral patterns. The intricacies of the subconscious mind are normally hidden from our consciousness which means using just the conscious mind is often a hit-or-miss approach. 

To enhance the odds of moving beyond a deep-rooted habit, it’s extremely important to appreciate the root cause. For instance, do you smoke cigarettes because you believe it takes away stress, or do you smoke cigarettes because it gives your hands a distraction? Gaining some knowledge of what drives you to engage in a habit, will point you in the right direction toward finding an appropriate solution. Another critical aspect in beating a habit is being honest with yourself. If you’ve attempted without success numerous times to stop, it could be time to admit that you require the right helping hand. 


Why Is Hypnosis So Successful? 

Hypnosis is 300% more useful for some smokers than nicotine replacement therapy treatment on its own. This might be because nicotine addiction plays a minor role in your overall cigarette smoking habit. To properly free yourself from cravings to smoke, the subconscious needs to be taken into consideration. It is for this reason that a hypnotic approach is effective for any habit release. 

After you are guided into a profoundly relaxed state by an experienced, qualified Hypnotist, you are then prepared to take the influence of beneficial suggestion. The Hypnotist uses this strategy to re-wire your mind with new beliefs about the habit. By way of example, the Hypnotist might suggest the next cigarette you try can taste disgusting or will make your mouth desperately dry. You remain conscious and aware throughout the session, but the subconscious has actually been engaged and motivated, meaning the new suggestions and visualizations have been more strongly planted, compared to what they would be in a normal conversation. 

Your hypnosis sessions should also include subconscious techniques that are rehearsed during and after trance work to reduce and, in most cases, eliminate cravings. Factors that often prevent success, such as worry about weight gain, are addressed to avoid and prevent unwanted side-effects from releasing the habit which often leads to relapse. 


Is It Actually Going to Help Me? 

Naturally, everyone is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach on the subject of methods. Will-power on its own is not often effective, but it is still a critical part. Utilizing both the conscious and subconscious mind during the hypnosis sessions makes the modality of hypnosis effective, with the added benefit that most people find it to be an incredibly relaxing, confidence-boosting and energizing experience that creates a sense of profound change within. 

Shana Rosenthal, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist who has been helping people release habits for over 10 years, adds that “Hypnosis trains the subconscious mind to respond more appropriately and, therefore, releases the habit. During only a small number of sessions, my clients are also taught powerful techniques and tools that will stay with them for life. These instill deep inner confidence that allow them to remain calm, confident and in control in situations that would have otherwise caused them to relapse. I just love watching my clients transform in such a short period of time.” 


Shana Rosenthal is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and is Stress Management Certified. She runs her clinic at Four Pillars, guiding her clients to make profound improvements in their lives. She teaches powerful tools that enable the recipient to overcome their issues, enabling self-empowerment, control and ultimately relief. Four Pillars is located at 8209 Natures Way, Suite 221, Lakewood Ranch. For more information, call 941-373-3955, email or visit 

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