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5 Ancient Chinese Secrets to Help You Achieve Your Goal of Better Health

by Rene Ng, AP, L.Ac. 


Flu season is in full-swing, and this year is a severe one. The ultimate approach to fighting the flu virus is to strengthen your own immune system which protects you against the virus and other chronic diseases. The Chinese have been practicing natural health maintenance for thousands of years, and have mastered the ability of leveraging natural resources for sustaining that health. Here are five elements the Chinese practice that could benefit you as well: 



Ginger is commonly used in China, and you can find it in most Chinese dishes eaten. Fresh, raw ginger root has various medicinal properties including its ability to strengthen the spleen and stomach. Ginger can also address GI ailments including diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastritis, and similar GI illnesses. One of the most popular uses of ginger is for alleviating nausea, and the root is commonly used in China to address morning sickness.  

Moreover, ginger has strong de-toxification properties, and is used to counter seafood poisoning. This is one of the main reasons ginger typically accompanies sushi dishes, and is used to counter the potential toxins found in the raw fish. If you are prone to GI issues or food sensitivity, then make ginger an essential part of your diet. 



In China, tea is the primary beverage consumed on a daily basis. In addition to quenching thirst, teas boast many health benefits including protection against cancer. There are multiple tea varieties, and each type is known for certain properties. Knowing what each tea is ideal for can help to maintain a healthy, vigorous body. Here are some examples: 


  • White Tea is high in antioxidants which helps to boost the immune system. It is optimal for weak individuals who might have poor immune systems. 

  • Black Tea promotes enhanced blood circulation, and can help to lower blood pressure or prevent heart disease. 

  • OoLong Tea strengthens the metabolism, and can help with excessive water retention which is ideal for weight loss. 

  • Green Tea is known for assisting with digestion which is the reason it’s commonly served in Chinese restaurants and taken with food during meals. 

  • Chrysanthemum Tea helps to reduce stress and promote vision health. 

  • Ban Lan Gen Tea is used to combat viruses, especially once the individual has already contracted that virus. 


All teas should be consumed either hot or warm, and should not be served cold or with ice. 



The Chinese believe that health begins, not with nutrition, but with enough oxygen supply in the system. A weak oxygen supply can impair the organ systems and cause the body’s overall functions to suffer. As a result, health issues gradually appear and worsen over time. Increasing the flow of oxygen in the body can be as simple as allocating a few minutes to practice deep breathing in a location surrounded by trees. Deep breathing can also strengthen respiration and expand the lung capacity which in turn improves the body’s overall stamina and physical performance, and can lead to an improved quality of life. 


Avoid Cold 

Cold in general is detrimental to health. Cold air can injure the lungs, and since this organ governs the immune system according to Chinese Medicine, weakened lungs can expose the individual to colds, flus, allergy attack, and even viruses. When inhaled, cold air can also trigger asthmatic attacks to those who are prone to that illness. In addition, cold foods can injure the stomach and spleen in the GI, and so it is preferable to eat your foods warm—or hot—and cooked.  


Creative Activities Stimulate Brain Function 

The amount and quality of blood flowing both to and from the brain determines its overall health and functionality. If this circulation is poor or impaired, the individual will experience dullness, foggy brain, poor memory, light headedness, migraines and even depression. Getting involved in creative activities such as painting, singing, dancing or drawing can help to stimulate the blood flow and direct it toward the brain. This will result in optimal circulation to and from the brain, and can help to improve its alertness and overall functionality. 



The Chinese have successfully mastered the art of natural health maintenance through a practice lasting thousands of years. Much of what they do can also be found within the context of Chinese Medicine which can provide a suite of powerful tools that you can use to address your health challenges, as well as to achieve optimum health.  

Consulting with a reputable and licensed Acupuncture Physician or Doctor of Chinese Medicine can help to achieve your health and wellness goals. Don’t hesitate— take control of your health today and start making strides towards those health goals now. 

I was once asked what the difference between western and Chinese Medicine was. I replied, “Western Medicine says if something is not broken, don’t fix it. However, Eastern Medicine says that if something is not broken, prevent it from breaking.” Preventative medicine and proactivity helps an individual attain and sustain health. Don’t wait until symptoms present themselves because at that time, it might be too late. 


Rene Ng, AP, L.Ac., is a board-certified, licensed Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbalist in Sarasota. He is a multiple-time winner of Sarasota’s “Favorite Acupuncture Physician” and “Favorite Anti-Aging Practitioner” awards. For more information, call 941-773-5156, email or visit 

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