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Cold-Pressed. Raw. Organic. Produce...That’s the C.R.O.P. Juice Way!

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer 


Last month, the latest addition to our community’s natural wellness scene “cropped” up in the vibrant downtown district of Sarasota. Having recently opened its fourth storefront, inside the Ellis Building next to Orange Theory Fitness, CROP Juice is keeping Southwest Florida fueled on fruits and vegetables through the most crave-worthy means possible.  

In their playbook, that involves extracting the nutrients from organic produce to create freshly cold-pressed juice—an optimal thirst quencher for those humid Suncoast afternoons, an invigorating recovery drink to consume post-workout or even just a wholesome snack alternative. This versatility has beckoned an increasing number of health-conscious locals who appreciate CROP Juice’s irresistible flavors, as well as the nutritional benefits they provide. 

The community has been overwhelmingly supportive. In fact, we decided to open multiple locations based on requests from our customers. We view the organic culture as a revolutionary movement, whereby more and more people are recognizing that ‘big food’ has poisoned us for several years. As a result, consumers from all backgrounds and socioeconomic groups have become more discerning about what goes into their bodies,” explains Karen Odierna who founded CROP Juice in 2014.  

As owner of all four locations, Odierna takes meticulous precautions to ensure that each sustainably bottled juice or smoothie blend contains the highest quality ingredients available. She elaborates, “We are 100% organic, 100% of the time! Since local doesn't always mean organic, we choose our sourcing carefully. We work with both Aloe Organics and Jessica’s Farm locally. We also use Global Organics for most of our produce that is not grown locally. 

“The cold-pressed method of juicing includes a gentle extraction—and retention—of nutrients and enzymes, as compared to centrifugal (high-speed) juicers which force heat and air into the process. Those elements break down the nutrients, requiring consumption within 30 minutes. However, with cold-pressing, our juice can be bottled and consumed within three to five days. We also fill each bottle completely to decrease oxidation (breakdown of nutrients), and package in glass to maintain shelf-life and avoid plastic leaching into the juice.  

This painstaking attention to detail can be tasted throughout CROP Juice’s extensive menu. Odierna adds, Leafy green based juices—including the Camouflage, Green with Envy, Master Cleanse and Ginger Snap—are our best-sellers. If you only consume one juice, it’s best to obtain the vital nutrients and benefits of leafy greens. Our juices contain two to eight cups of leafy greens per 12-ounce bottle. We’ve found that leafy greens decrease sugar cravings, stabilize blood sugar and promote an unmatched feeling of wellness.  

“For spring, we’ve also created a new tropical Kokolada smoothie made with organic coconut water, organic coconut meat, organic orange juice, organic almond milk, organic pineapple, organic dates, organic vanilla and Himalayan salt. We’ve recently been featuring our Strawberry Blonde (strawberry, pineapple, apple and lemon) and Dirty Blonde (same as the Strawberry Blonde, with the addition of either kale or spinach) flavors as well. Who knows what we’ll create next since we often get wonderful suggestions from our customers!”  

In addition, these juice varieties can be savored with a nourishing nosh on the side. “We serve grab-and-go meals from local merchant Marina Sommers of Nutritious You. She makes organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free beet burgers, pad Thai, lasagna, falafel and sun seed burgers, available at our Gulf Gate and University locations. There will be even more food options at our downtown store, along with delivery service within that core area,” clarifies Odierna. 

While CROP Juice has narrowed its initial focus to Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice, this business’ reputation for premium quality, customer satisfaction and optimal nutrition could eventually spread beyond the Suncoast as well. According to Odierna, this prospect—although not a current objective—isn’t out of the question. “We will aim to refine and perfect all our processes then see where that might take us in the future,” she concludes. 


CROP Juice’s newly opened downtown storefront is located at 1605 Main St., Suite 108, Sarasota. For more information, visit  


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is the Managing Editor of Natural Awakenings Sarasota-Manatee. She also works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer, based in Southwest Florida. Her personal blog features practical tips for embracing a fit, nutritious and empowered lifestyle.  



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