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Hypnosis and Health

What does hypnosis have to do with health? The answer is based on the idea that we have both a conscious and unconscious mind. The conscious mind is the one people are most familiar with because they are aware of using it to analyze options, consider alternatives and make decisions. The unconscious mind, however, is a mind of the body 

It runs all systemsendocrine, respiratory, reproductive, circulatory and immune, to name a few. The unconscious mind operates these processes in the background without any conscious awareness or direction from us. If our conscious mind is the decider, then our unconscious mind is the implementeronce it has been engaged.  

Most of the time, we do not harness the power of this unconscious mind to produce the health we desire. The language of the unconscious is raw, sensory-based communication—our senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting—not spoken language. So, if you want to engage the unconscious in implementing your health decisions, you need to make pictures, attach feelings to them, and use repetition to convince the unconscious that you expect results.  

Emerging and mounting research is proving the mind has q power to help heal the body. Techniques such as hypnosis can decrease feelings of pain and help recover from an acute illness or a chronic condition. The mind can be challenging to train, but hiring a trained clinician could be the key to achieving your desired results. Contact Art Emrich, Ph.D., Peak Performance Coach and owner of U-Solutions for a complimentary consultation. 


For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 941-685-9622. 


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