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My Florida Green Offers Medical Marijuana as a Natural Alternative

My Florida Green expands into Sarasota with six medical marijuana certification centers open across the state. Because of this, thousands of patients now have access to medical marijuana. The Medical Marijuana certification process has been difficult for the past 18 months due to regulations and inexperienced doctors. Medical marijuana is not a prescription, so a physician can't “prescribe: a federally illegal drug. If your medical marijuana physician is restricting you with milligrams and specific delivery methods, it might be time to find a new doctor.  

My Florida Green physicians follow the same protocol with recommending the maximum dose with the ability to sample all delivery methods available. Each patient is different with individual digestive systems. We are all different and should titrate individually. Start low, go slow, and gradually increase as needed. Thankfully, no one has ever overdosed on marijuana in the thousands of years it's been used as medicine. Google the death toll on the medications in your medicine cabinet, and you’ll be surprised by the statistics. For example, 88,000 alcohol related deaths occur annually, and 66,000 opiate overdose deaths were reported in 2016 alone. Marijuana, however, caused zero deaths to occur. 

My Florida Green helps anyone looking to heal naturally. All patients are educated on the medicinal values of medical marijuana and how to administer it. They establish long-term relationships with their patients, as health, wellness and satisfaction are top priorities. “Medical marijuana made easy” is their credo, and they are thrilled to facilitate patient access to a natural healing alternative. 


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