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The Tempest––Powerful Enough to Blow Your Mind? Maybe...Maybe Not.

by Juliette Jones 


Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground.” 

––William Shakespeare 


Whether by taste, synchronicity or inheritance, theres always something in a name that speaks to the nature of a thing. This is apparent in the designation given Hurricane Irma, a name which descends from the German word irmin, meaning “world” and from which springs derivative meanings such as “big,” “aggressive” and “Goddess of War”. 

Indeed, Irma seemed to have the authority of a tempestuous goddess, extending her territorial conquest across the Caribbean and Florida in unpredictable ways, while the entire world watched via a fleet of international and domestic satellites and followed the unrelenting, anxiety-ridden media reports.  

The fearful, catastrophic implications of this iconic event were not to be ignored or underestimated. Irma caused the release of unfathomable amounts of energy. Maintaining a maximum intensity of 185 mph for 37 hours, Irma was one of the most powerful, intense storms on record. Accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) measurements showed this hurricane generated more energy than the previous “17 entire Atlantic hurricane seasons.” 


The Reality of Climate Change Science Consensus 

The Scott Administration and general public have been slow to accept the “inconvenient truths” that global warming and climate change present. Perhaps Irma will serve as a wake-up call––or perhaps not. Nonetheless, irrespective of public, political or commercial opinions, there is an international consensus of real science providing this information.   

Is it possible the experience of this hurricane could signal a better awareness of our real relationship to the earth as a species, and in relation to the reality of our profound, embedded oneness with the cosmos?   


[Hurricane Spiral Image Goes Here] 


Spirals are one of the oldest symbols. They symbolize the slow reveal of things that are hidden. It will represent being aware of a piece being part of a whole.  The spiral will symbolize connection to God and the energy of the cosmos. It can mean growth and  

evolution. They could represent people coming back to the same point in their life,  

but with new and better kinds of understanding. The symbol of the spiral can  

push the viewer to be flexible and have trust when things change.   



Intuitively, I interpret Irma as both a powerful sign and symbol of transformation in the natural world, much in the way that 9/11 was a signal that a significant shift was taking place in our cultural environment.   


There’s a Reason for Everything...Isn’t There? 

During my stay-over in a Sarasota County shelter, we came together as refugees of the storm, acclimating to one another, sharing provisions and adjusting to our small corner in the midst of turbulent circumstances.  

We were fortunate to be in a place of safety where hospitality, food and water were provided. I spoke to the man who supervised the shelter, both during and after the hurricane. His goal, which was mirrored by the volunteer staff, was to treat each and every evacuee as a welcomed guest.   

Later, he told me that being of service to such a large group under the intense, chaotic circumstances had been one of the most important spiritual experiences of his life. “There’s a reason for everything,” he affirmed, as he connected to what he described as an internal awareness that removed all concern for personal loss from his mind. He used the formidable energy of the moment mindfully, to lift the entire situation to a higher state. Thankfully, as it turned out, he and his wife suffered no losses. 

One remarkable couple, who spent time sharing food and supporting others, had a moment of feeling downcast. “What’s the matter?” I queried. “Our house is right on the water, and we could lose everything, they answered. My response came from training as a metaphysician, “Has it happened yet?”  

They looked at me from the depth of their eyes, and I continued, “Let’s pause to visualize something else. Let’s switch that powerful energy behind the despair to an image of your home as protected.” Then, I shared true stories of seemingly miraculous protection, all of which manifested subsequent to the application of inner work. 

The electrical power shut off just as Irma was reaching Naples, and the evening took a dark turn when the TV went dead, and one elderly woman became unstable. Without air conditioning, the sealed room felt warm and stuffy.   

I lay down on my bedroll in the midst of this disturbing atmosphere and withdrew from the outer world through a process of practiced meditation. My awareness detached from the physical body and traveled to the center of the storm. I could see and feel Irma’s powerful cyclonic field swirling around me. The rest is impossible to put into words, as it belongs to a dimension beyond language.  


“We have no idea how deep the connection between us and reality goes.”  

––Gregg Braden 


In the midst of the storm, I felt oneness, affinity, serenity and love, knowing I was not separate from nature––I was nature.  Working from the implicate level with other visionaries in the area, I focused upon oneness with the sacred, deeply desiring peace and protection. The image of a painting I had once seen flashed before my inner eye, the Master teacher Jesus in a storm at sea, raising his hand affirming peace, and the storm became calm through the real magic of his faith.  For a second, I realized pure bliss, and I knew that our area would be alright 


Magical Thinking: Miracle or More? 

Consciousness is not separate from everything else, and we are not separate from what we observe. The question of applied consciousness might seem remote from issues like climate change, especially since classical science still teaches that observation and consciousness are completely independent of the way things work” (Richard Schiffman).  

Heisenberg and other quantum physicists have already shown that observation affects outcome, but science cannot yet speak to the perimeters of such influence. IONS senior scientist Dean Radin states there is “some underlying form of connection in which literally everything is connected to everything else all of the time,” and “the universe is less a collection of objects than a web of interrelationships.”   

Ancient and indigenous spiritual traditions were based on this premise, long before it resurfaced through modern quantum physics. The miracle stories in religious texts have lost their application as mythos because few people in the modern world recognize actual inner realization of their own profound interconnectedness with everything else and the gnosis that comes about with such understanding.   

Miracle stories usually arise out of cultures that have not lost their connectedness with nature and super nature. Most of our modern challenges can be traced back to our core cultural beliefs through which we have lost our intimacy with life, the need for mindfulness and cultural depth experience of the sacred.     

The accepted story of cosmology and human life, as told by modern mainstream science and religion, is incomplete. We need to collectively adopt a passionate and powerful new collective worldview, understanding that that we are the consciousness of the cosmos––the eyes and the ears of nature, not separate from it. As Thomas Berry put it, “We bear the universe in our beings as the universe bears us in its being.”  


This was the breathtaking vision of the late Father Thomas Berry. Berry taught that humanity is presently at a critical decision point. Either we develop a more heart-full relationship with the Earth that sustains us, or we destroy ourselves and life on the planet.”  

 ––Richard Schiffman 

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