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New Year...New Fear

by Victoria Ackerman


The Spirit University is welcoming the New Year with a week of frights and fun.  “New Year, New Fear” is a five-day paranormal event from January 22–26, which is expected to bring spirited visitors from the other side. This event will feature unique classes and workshops, covering topics such as table tipping, paranormal investigations, mediumship, spirit boards, haunted objects and more. You and your friends will become paranormal investigators, learning how to capture the evidence of entities in Florida’s historic haunts. 

On January 22, mediums will guide you through a variety of techniques to communicate with Spirit. Witness as objects move across the room with otherworldly guidance in “Table Tipping: Moving Objects with Spirit.” You might even be able to ask questions and receive knocks, tilts or sensations in reply. 

In “Speaking through Spirit Boards,” you will learn how to safely and effectively communicate with Spirit through spirit boards. The reality isn’t like scary movies. This is an effective way to communicate with the other side with no mediumship experience. We will end this night with the Transfiguration Séance. Renowned physical medium Victoria Ackerman will conduct a séance and transfiguration demonstration where you could experience an array of paranormal phenomena. You might see the ectoplasm superimposed around Ackerman taking on different characteristics in this rare experience.

Wednesday will begin with a “Dowsing Workshop,” where you will learn how dowsing rods can be utilized for spirit communication. This is followed by “Connecting in Haunted Places.”  You might have seen a medium tune-in when bringing messages from a loved one on the other side, but are different techniques used when communicating with a Spirit occupying a particular place? Your questions will be answered in this crash course on intuitive communication. 

The next exciting workshop is about “Bridging the Gap with ESP” in a slightly different way. ESP (Explorers of Spirit Phenomenon), a group of paranormal investigators, who have been featured on the True Ghost Stories TV series, will share their experiences investigating hauntings.  Explore spirit communication through the ages, haunted locations and ghostly encounters with these experienced investigators.

January 24 is all about getting ready to become an investigator yourself. SPIS (Sarasota’s Paranormal Investigative Science) will be offering a how-to guide on conducting your own paranormal investigation. You will learn what a paranormal entity is, how to locate one, and what both paranormal investigating and parapsychology are all about.

Then, you will put these skills to the test in a real haunted location. SPIS will lead an investigation through one of Manatee County’s many haunted places. You might catch the voices of Spirit on tape, photograph apparitions or experience physical phenomena. You can never know what to expect on a paranormal investigation. So grab a camera, pull out your flashlight, and see what Spirit has in store. The exact location of this incredible investigation will be announced to attendees before the event.

Are you dealing with a paranormal entity in your home?  We will start off January 25 by “Exploring Spirit with Darkstar Paranormal.” With years of experience, DarkStar Paranormal research group will shed light on the experiences with the paranormal that many are too afraid to explore. Using both scientific and spiritual methods in their investigations, they probe for answers to the inexplicable brushes people encounter with the paranormal.

Next, learn about different facets of mediumship with “Physical Mediumship 101.” Unlike other types of mediumship, physical mediumship involves observable phenomena which makes it one of the most complex and difficult types of Spirit communication. Learn how mediums can help Spirit manifest in this fascinating workshop. 

This night will end with the “Bunker Hill Vineyard Ghost and Spirit Orb Walkabout.” Bunker Hill Vineyard is a lush winery and wildlife habitat in Parrish, and it is said to be the host to an array of ghosts as well. Orbs, mists and apparitions have been spotted by visitors and even captured on camera, along their wooded pathway. So don’t miss this ethereal exploration.

Finally, January 26 will kick-off the last day of this journey with the “Haunted Object Roadshow.” Perhaps strange occurrences have been happening around the house ever since you bought that old clock at the antique store. Take your haunted objects on the road.  A skilled psychic medium will connect with the energy within that item to find out what is hiding in there. Even if you don’t have a haunted object in your home, this will be a fascinating event for all.

Our exploration through the afterlife will end with the “Haunted Eye-Ball.” Who among us, living or dead, can resist the mystery and allure of a gothic masquerade ball? Get ghoulish in your most haunting formal wear for this enchanting event, featuring live music, food and a group séance. Mingle with mediums who will offer messages from Spirit throughout the evening, and tango with tarot-readers as they provide guidance through the cards. 


This unforgettable week will be filled with frights, fun and a few surprises.  Make sure to sign-up early before tickets disappear by calling 941-544-5874 or visit



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