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Maintaining Your Brain: A Tune-Up Guide

The human brain is an extraordinary piece of technology. It performs thousands of tasks and functions at lightning speed, but it must be cared for. There are several advantages of a semi-annual or annual tune-up. Your brain will enter a balanced state which keeps it relaxed and less susceptible to stress. Your brain will also respond accurately to the maintenance of its function which means enhanced memory and improved sleep.

At least once a year, for optimal brain health, you should schedule a brain tuning session at Lotus Stress Relief. This company uses Quantum Biofeedback to accomplish this task. Your brain is connected to a Quantum Biofeedback computer, so your brain and the LIFE System can converse, or calibrate, back and forth.

Once the brain is calibrated, Lotus runs a Reactivity Test that takes 7,000 measurements to show which parts of the brain need to be “de-stressed.” After this test, Lotus balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain with Biofeedback, so the new brain tuning information will be retained securely as the new calibration proceeds. Then you will be tested for ADD or ADHD which will be corrected on the spot, if possible. Finally, Lotus tunes all seven sections of the brain by sending the specific energy that each part requires.

Through this process, the following benefits are achieved: emotional stress is neutralized, mental conflict is relaxed, buried trauma is deprogrammed, anxiety is released, mood state is calmed, and attention, concentration or focused thinking are sharpened. The cost of this brain tune-up is normally $135, but in June, Natural Awakenings readers can enjoy $40 off the price for a total of $95.


Location: 2965 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota. For more information or to schedule a session, visit 

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