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Biological Dentistry 101

by Dr. Martina Mallery, DDS


At White Sands Dentistry, we often receive the question of what exactly biological or holistic dentistry entails. There are certain materials and procedures commonly used in conventional dentistry which are, in fact, detrimental to the delicate human biology.

The scientific evidence is mounting, and we encourage everyone to review research published by International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. So what are the main offenders and how are they dealt with in biological dental care?

Number one on the list is mercury. Those “silver” fillings are 10% silver and 50% mercury. Elemental mercury has been shown to be released from these fillings in form of vapor and microscopic droplets, then circulated around the body. This causes mercury retained long-term within the brain, lungs, liver, intestine and kidneys—the most susceptible organs.

Neurological and autoimmune diseases can result and are common in people with amalgam fillings. In a biological dental practice, this material is not being used and the existing fillings are removed under strictly controlled conditions which include barriers and ventilation.

Number two is fluoride. This is a waste byproduct of aluminum manufacturing and the phosphate mining industry. Fluoride is a neurotoxin, hormonal disruptor and carcinogen linked to many degenerative diseases. In a biological dental practice, fluoride gel or varnish at the conclusion of a dental cleaning is not used.

Moreover, all dental materials are sourced out fluoride-free, and patients are encouraged to use fluoride-free products at home including drinking water. Distilled water or water treated with reverse-osmosis is highly recommended because systemically ingested fluoride is more toxic than when it is applied topically.

Number three is root canal therapy. Root Cause, the documentary aired on Netflix, delves into more detail on why this procedure is fundamentally flawed. This procedure is considered by American Dental Association a standard of care, and is recommended in order to save an infected, dead, abscessed or painful tooth. However, due to the complex labyrinth of accessory canals and dentinal tubules in addition to the main canals, cleaning and sterilization of the tooth is virtually impossible.

At this point, such a tooth becomes a perfect breading ground for bacteria, and that forces the immune system into perpetual state of emergency. As a result, many autoimmune diseases and cancers have been linked to teeth treated with root canal therapy. In biological dentistry, this procedure is not utilized, and such teeth are recommended for removal.

Finally, jaw-bone cavitations or NICOs which result from incorrectly extracted teeth have been implicated in autoimmune disease, neuralgia and cancer. Dental and oral surgeons are not taught to remove all remnants of periodontal ligament surrounding the tooth when extracting it. The presence of this fibrous tissue signals to the body that a tooth is still there, and the bone does not heal properly, leaving little empty spaces called cavitations or NICOs.

These are commonly filled with bacteria and the immune system, unable to eliminate these voids, is forced into an overdrive. In biological dental practice, an effective type of care is used to remove the entire ligament during tooth extraction. Furthermore, already existing cavitations are surgically revised to reset the wound and encourage correct healing.

Biological and holistic dentistry is metal-free and uses natural remedies whenever possible such as ozone therapy and homeopathic support. Moreover, emphasis is placed on detoxification, prevention, conservative treatment, clean nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Collaboration with a local naturopathic physician and acupuncturist is also a part of the equation as meridians connect teeth to specific organs in the body.


White Sands Dentistry is a holistic and biological private practice, and you are welcome to call for more information at 941-748-9393 and schedule an appointment.

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