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Letter from the Publisher May 2019

Summer is almost upon us, and as this season ushers in a renewed sense of vitality, now is the perfect time to invest in our own self-care. This month’s issue of Natural Awakenings delves into the numerous facets of mental and emotional well-being for a centered, balanced approach to life that will carry us through this season of refreshment.


On that note, the feature article for this issue explores “Self-Care for All Stages of Life.” This idea of self-care is an essential practice for the body, mind and spirit because, in order to achieve wholeness, your entire being must be harmonized and tended to. A self-care ritual can run the gamut from a fitness routine to a meditation class to a yoga sequence to a therapy session to a gentle massage to a coffee date with friends. However you choose to practice this, it’s beneficial to pour into yourself, just as you would for the other people in your life.


Continuing with the theme of self-care, our “Wise Words” column for this month focuses on “Running Toward Mindfulness.” This article offers insight on how the simple act of disconnecting from electronic devices and moving our bodies outside can be a powerful conduit for emotional healing and mental clarity.


In addition, our “Fit Body” column is all about what happens “When Emotions Are Physical,” and how to address the body’s cellular response to deep-rooted trauma or grief. When these emotional blockages are embedded in the tissues, joints, organs or muscles, for example, this can impact our health and level of functioning. This article examines how various types of bodywork modalities can release these emotions from the body for restoration from the inside out.


As usual, this is just a snapshot of all the enjoyment and enlightenment you will find in our latest issue of Natural Awakenings. In the meantime, please reach out to with any comments, questions or feedback, as we always love to hear your thoughts on the content we provide. Until next month, here’s to the start of a beautiful summer!

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