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Meet John White: Mystic, Medium and Teacher

Jan 01, 2019 02:27AM

Reverend John C. White has been a teacher of the Spiritual Sciences for over 35 years and has been practicing as a medium for almost 40 years. When he is not traveling, he spends his time working and teaching in both the United States and Canada. You might have seen him on The Discovery Channel, The Vision Channel or even as a host of Journey of Light, a television show that previously aired in Canada. Through his years of experience as a medium and psychic, he has found the way to ensure that his students can understand information in a palatable and effortless manner. For this reason, The Spirit University is excited to be hosting him this month.

He will offer a “Home Circle” each Monday for the entire month of January. During these events, you will learn how higher minds think through natural law, learn techniques to awaken your own intuitive intelligence and how to turn your psychic abilities both on and off. White will breakdown the differences between the psychic ability and mediumship in a comprehensive approach. This event includes using both theoretical and experiential practices and mediations. He even will even teach meditations during Home Circle that are solely for the purpose of learning who your spirit guides and angels are.

In addition, the last weekend of January, he will facilitate amazing classes and workshops.  This weekend will start off with “Bridging Two Realms.” During this two-hour event, he will present fascinating insights into how a medium connects with Spirit to to offer healing messages of hope, love and inspiration.

After he sets the tone for the weekend on Friday night, on Saturday he will offer three classes that can benefit everyone. First, you will learn about “The Akashic Records.” These sacred contracts between you and the Divine contain all information regarding your past, present and future. By waking your sacred self, you can access this Divine library. Next delve into the depths of “Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel” leading you on an amazing journey of discovery. These abilities are even known to be used by the Dali Lama. Then, to finish Saturday’s classes, White will facilitate “Psychometry: The Psychic Touch.” Learn how to develop psychic abilities by intuitively reading objects. Bring crystals and gemstones and learn to communicate with them. White will explore Billet Readings on this journey as well, so you can learn how to offer a reading on a person, just by holding a piece of paper with their name on it.

Finally, to conclude this three-day event, White will host “Intuitive Energy Medicine” on Sunday. The late American legend Edgar Cayce, known as “the Sleeping Prophet,” is renowned for his ability to provide health readings just by hearing a person’s name. White is also known for helping people learn how to conduct such psychic health readings just by knowing their names. You will dive into learning about how topics such as Energetic Medicine and the Medical Intuitive Mind operate. This incredible weekend will take place at The Spirit University, and it will be a journey of self-discovery, unlike any other.


The Spirit University is located at 373 Braden Ave., Sarasota. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 941-544-5874 or visit




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