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What Happens in the Healing Room?

Sep 02, 2019 10:02PM ● By Janet Lindsay

When people Google terms like “Energy Healing” or “Reiki” in Sarasota, the Healing Room will appear in the search, but this practice is also equipped to offer more than just these modalities. Beata Molnar, a gifted energy healer, is trained to perform Biofeedback evaluations with a computer program that uses the human voice to record and evaluate the entire energy field. When clients visit, she will initiate an in-depth discussion of issues they want to address, then a Biofeedback Energy Scan will follow.  

After having established the directions, conditions and imbalances that need to be harmonized and balanced, the client will recline on a PEMF mat, and the energy healing session will take place. PEMF is a pulsed electromagnetic field generator that has been used all over the world in both Eastern and Western modalities, chiropractic offices and holistic healing centers. PEMF charges the cells with energy to support the various cellular functions.  

Molnar also uses sound healing with singing quartz crystal bowls in her sessions. She has a wide variety of bowls tuned to particular frequencies and notes that resonate all seven chakras for both clearing and harmonizing. One of her favorite energy harmonizing devices is the RIFE machine which is available to all clients if anyone wants to experiment with the power of plasma tubes, metal pates and copper coils that resonate over 1300 various frequency packages. Everything in her office is included in these healing sessions which usually last 90 minutes.  

If you are interested seeing your aura colors, harmonizing chakras, addressing nutritional and system imbalances, or freeing emotional blockages and spiritual disturbances, contact the Healing Room. 


Location: Aaron Ct., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-586-9539 or follow Molnar on 


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