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Feng Shui for the Fall

Sep 30, 2019 11:33AM ● By Janet Lindsay

by Dr. Christina Captain, DAOM, MSAOM, MSHN, MA, AP 


Lucky Dragon says: 


“Use these tips to make a smooth transition from summer into fall.” 


In the fall, yang energy quiets down, and yin energy elevates. It’s a perfect time to slow your activity level down and reflect upon the next phase. Just as summer beckons you outside for pleasures in the hot Florida climate, fall invites you to come inside, pour a cup of tea, open a book and stay a while. Likewise, you should return your focus to within, as less social time and more inner reflection is called for in this season. 

To ensure a smooth transition from the summer into fall, incorporate more colors of red, orange, yellow and brown in your home décor. Use pumpkins, as they not only add a fall ambience, but are regarded as lucky charms in Feng Shui. These orange, oval gems attract material wealth. Pumpkins are also seen as protection against negative energy, so placing a few outside your front door is a refreshingly crisp idea. No wonder this is a tradition at Halloween. 

Apples are another excellent fall fruit to symbolize peace. Adding a bowl of red apples to your table this season also represents that your table is never empty, meaning you’ll have an abundance of energizing food all season long. 

In addition, remove dead leaves from your gutters and roof because they represent dead chi accumulating on top of your home. Trim back any large limbs that overhang your house, as they symbolize extra “weight” on your shoulders. Clear all expired boxed foods and old spices from your pantry.  This will open to new energies and opportunities. Finally, does feng shui excite you? Then, stay tuned to this feng shui column for announcements about video blogs on how to feng shui your space for life.  


Dr. Christina Captain is nationally board-certified by the National Commission for Certification in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is the lead practitioner at Sarasota Center for Acupuncture and Nutrition which she founded in 2000. Dr. Captain is also an expert Feng Shui practitioner and teacher who studied under Nancilee Wydra of the Feng Shui Institute of America, before originating her own style, Essential Balance Feng Shui. Since this discipline is a branch of Oriental Medicine, she often blends Feng Shui principles into her treatment plans. Sarasota Center for Acupuncture and Nutrition is located at 2650 Bahia Vista St., Suite 101, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-951-1119. 




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