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Spinal Misalignment and Your Emotions

Oct 31, 2019 02:45PM ● By Janet Lindsay

Spinal health is a significant part of the human system because its lack of proper alignment can be responsible for a wide variety of physical conditions and unbalanced emotions. It has been documented that chiropractic alignment can help with issues such as Bell’s Palsy, hearing loss, IBD, high blood pressure, chronic sinusitis, headaches, bowel irregularity, mental fog and anxiety. By determining what part of the spine is misaligned, we can gain valuable insight into blocked emotions, psychological issues, fears and negative behavioral dynamics.  

Once we become aware of these emotions, we can utilize different techniques to release ourselves of these burdens. So how do we find out what part of the spine is out of alignment either physically or energetically? One of the simplest, most effective and free-of-charge modalities to release unwanted emotions is the EFT tapping method.  

There are many different techniques out there, one of which is a biofeedback evaluation that scans the entire spinal cord for energetic imbalances. Beata Molnar, Energy Healer and Biofeedback Technician, can help with such readings in her Sarasota office. She will do an evaluation via the human voice, run a spine scan and hand you a spinal chart of emotions that discusses all areas that need balance. She then will teach you how to use EFT to release unwanted emotion. Molnar also uses a PEMF technology and sound healing. If you have questions about this practice, contact the Healing Room. 


Location: Aaron Ct., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-586-9539 or visit 



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