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Letter From the Publisher September 2020

It’s officially nine months into what has been one of the most surreal years we’ve experienced in a long time. As the summer gradually transitions to fall, we’re no closer to knowing what to expect from yet another season of unpredictability. But here at Natural Awakenings, we are still committed to your spiritual, mental and physical health which is why we’re so thrilled to bring you this month’s “Self-Empowerment Issue.” From adaptive yoga to emotional wellness and resilience to natural immunity boosts, consider this issue your guide to self-care.  


In fact, our feature article for this month is all about how to maintain and prioritize own your emotional well-being in the midst of these difficult, uncertain times. As the pandemic continues to upend our security and definition of “normal,” emotions such as fear, loss, anger, confusion, anxiety, disappointment and grief have surfaced. While these feelings are to be expected, you can still thrive in spite of them when you direct compassion inward though a variety of self-care rituals or practices. This will teach you to speak to yourself in a kinder and gentler voice, identify distractions that conceal your true emotions, and rewire your brain for positive thoughts. With these tools, you can feel the heaviness without allowing it to overtake you.  


To continue this theme, next on the docket is our “Fit Body” article which explores the benefits of adaptive yoga. For those with chronic pain, injuries, autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, aging bodies and other conditions that tend to restrict mobility, adaptive yoga makes exercise and movement feel more accessible. This variation uses blankets, chairs, straps, blocks, and even counters or wall spaces to increase stability, so that you can still experience the healing and restoration of yoga, no matter what limitations you might have.       


We cannot talk about health without discussing the importance of a robust immune system, and this month’s “Healing Ways” article delves into how nutrition can be a strong natural defense against this viral threat. Research shows that a deficiency in essential nutrients such as vitamins C and D, zinc and potassium could be linked to increased COVID-19 susceptibility which makes it more crucial than ever to consume a healthy, balanced, wholesome diet. Herbs, supplements and homeopathics like melatonin, astralagus, licorice root extract and others have been found to boost immune function, so the body is more equipped to fight this virus.   


Our sincere hope at Natural Awakenings is that you find our content useful, inspirational and beneficial—in this current season now more than ever. As always, we would love to hear your feedback, so please email any comments or questions to [email protected] You are in our thoughts as we all face whatever this month holds together.  

Natural Awakenings of Sarasota December 2020 Digital Edition


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