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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Harvest² - Tapping into Everyone’s Inner Farmer

Harvest² supports small farm heroes and delivers results for this vital sector of farming. Within recent years, we have come to realize an urgent need in communities: fresh food supplies are too far away. True food security must consolidate to the local level. Harvest² is pivoting into the hyper-local market to serve the needs of everyone’s inner farmer.  

By providing solutions in edible landscapes and new manageable controlled environment farm options, we are determined to see the communities we serve thrive by nurturing their inner farmer. All humans are designed to be connected to food sources, so when we grow physical food, we grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.   

Our focus increases, our gratitude is enhanced, and we live more abundant lives. We can help your organization realize the benefits of employee or tenant wellness programs, food service or supermarket enhancements, senior living facilities or youth programs that educate on the massive benefits and opportunities in agriculture.  

The United States has begun its second agricultural revolution, the likes of which have not been experienced since WWII. All of us can play a role in this constructive revolution for a massive societal impact.  


For more information, visit For a free evaluation or consultation, email [email protected] Mention our work with Natural Awakenings, and we’ll partner with you to help create an impact in your community.  





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