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Meet Dr. Karolina Baker of Aven Clinic Functional Medicine

Aven Clinic Functional Medicine, located in Osprey, provides functional and integrative Medicine. As a board-certified family physician and functional medicine provider, Dr. Karolina Baker loves practicing root cause medicine to help patients transform their health and experience the relief they deserve.  

Through her 17+ years of clinical experience in the healthcare field, both as an emergency and family physician, she recognizes that a conventional medicine model often does not adequately heal certain conditions such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, IBS, anxiety, depression, ADHD, obesity, thyroid issues, and more.  

Conventional medicine assigns symptoms to the disease name, then treats the symptoms, while failing to address the underlying root causes. As a result, patients are often left with an endless road of pills and procedures. However, Dr. Baker knows that by utilizing a Functional Medicine approach, she can determine the cause of symptoms to prevent further suffering.  

Her modalities are personalized, patient-centered and collaborative, with an emphasis on long-term solutions. Dr. Baker’s personalized program involves a comprehensive intake and customized set of tests that will provide a wide range of information about your health. While conventional testing is often limited, functional medicine testing enables makes it possible to examine entire ecosystem in a patient’s body to find imbalances.  

This includes nutrient levels, hormone disbalances, inflammation markers, reactions to stress, potential allergens, toxic exposures, gut health, chronic infections and genetic predispositions. From there, Dr. Baker will create a custom protocol to address the root causes of your chronic health symptoms, so you can start discover healthier, more vibrant life.   

Location: 3976 Destination Dr., Suite 102, Osprey. For more information and to schedule a free 15-minute exploratory consultation, call 941-500- 2093, email [email protected] or visit 


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