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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Letter From Publisher April 2024

Spring is an ideal season for traveling, as nature awakens with radiant colors, warmth, and sunshine. Travel can also offer a variety of benefits for both our mental and physical health. It’s an invitation to escape from routine, encounter new destinations, embrace unique experiences, and re-invigorate our spirits. This month’s issue of Natural Awakenings is all about travel, so embark on a journey with us to enrich and nourish your holistic well-being!  

Let’s begin with our feature article, “Sustainable Travel: Wanderlust with the Earth in Mind.” Whether you dream of relaxation or thirst for adventure, it’s also important to follow culturally sensitive and environmentally conscious practices while traveling. This article will offer you practical strategies on how to become a more sustainable tourist, respect the local customs and climates, and immerse yourself in mindful, authentic enjoyment.   

Next, we’ll venture into the realm of “Farm Vacations” to explore how American agritourism has taken root in this post-COVID era. As more urbanites continue to embrace the slower, quieter pace of country living, a new branch of tourism has emerged in recent years—overnight stays on rural farms and ranches. These immersive experiences include assisting with hands-on chores, learning about food systems, and contributing to nature conservation efforts.   

Finally, we must also consider the beneficial impacts of travel on young minds as well. This month’s “Healthy Kids” article will discuss the value of teaching children to explore beyond their classrooms. A recent poll from the Family Travel Association found that 80 percent of respondents think travel instills a more nuanced global outlook in children, while 67 percent agree it inspires children to become interested in other cultures. In other words, traveling is an educational tool that can help foster curiosity and empathy in the next generation.  

As always, this is just a snapshot of all the wonders you’ll unpack inside our latest issue. Thank you for joining us for another month of adventure, wellness, and inspiration. We will see you right back here next month—and until then, Bon Voyage! 


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