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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

June 2015

May 29, 2015 05:31PM

It is June, and the two things that have always been special to me this month are Father’s Day and my birthday! Well, I don’t need to be another year older, but I do use my birthday as an excuse to take some time off and to pamper myself. In the age of always being busy, it is good to slow down once in a while and recharge. I hope all you readers take note and be good to yourselves this month, beyond just healthy eating and exercise.

 Although my father has passed away, I do spend Father’s Day with my mother recalling all the special times we had with him and relishing in the memories. We have a special article this month on Natural Fathering, which has some great ideas on how to raise your kids. There are some simple and healthy ideas for nurturing that you may not have thought of but bear great impact on children. I hope you moms out there leave the page open so the dads can see it.

Being from Connecticut, I have seen many bad cases of Lyme Disease. This is a very difficult illness to treat for some and can be recurring. Please take a look at our article on Lyme Disease and how to treat it. There are also tips on how to avoid it, including using essential oils as a repellant. If you know anyone who has had ongoing unresolved symptoms, please share this article with them. Many times, antibiotics alone are not effective.

Finally, I am sad to say goodbye to my managing editor, Suzi Harkola. She has been with me from the start of taking overNatural Awakenings Magazine and is a talented, wonderful writer. Her decades of professional, award-winning writing include four and a half years with Natural Awakenings. She has made many friends in our field and will be sorely missed. We wish her a healthy and happy retirement. 


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