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Heart-Chat: An Interview with The Heart

by Lydia Gracing


The following is a transcript from a recent interview with The Heart, conducted by Lydia Gracing, Joyologist and certified Institute of HeartMath® coach. Imagine the scene: A broadcast studio where the host is seated across form her guest, The Heart—not just any heart, but The Heart who is appearing as a spokesperson of the same heart we all possess.


Lydia Gracing: Hello and Welcome. Today we have a unique guest whom many of you know, either consciously or not. Our guest is known around the globe and has an amazing capacity for knowing trillions of people. Our guest goes by many names, but today we will call her The Heart.  Welcome!


The Heart: Thank you. What a joy to be here!


Gracing: We all know you in one way or another. But can you tell us about yourself?


The Heart: Yes, of course! I’m happy to. I came into being through the union of cells, and I never had to figure out what my purpose was. I’m generally thought of as a muscle that is located left of center in the chest.

Even though I’m not the largest muscle, I have the privilege of doing a lot of work. On average, I beat 80 times per minute—that’s 4,800 beats per hour, 115,200 beats per day and more than 42 million per year. So that roughly calculates to over three billion beats by age 75. That’s the mechanical part of me. But there’s more to me than just that!


Gracing: Really? Tell us, what are three facets about you that would surprise most of us?


The Heart: Well, I think this is a cool fact about me. I’m the first organ to form when the body is beginning to develop. As a muscular pump, I have the job of circulating blood. Circulation is what propels the vital nutrients to get to the other organs and systems, so they can develop.

Second, I have a complex nervous system that allows me to communicate with the brain. I have 40,000 neurons that sense, feel and remember. I communicate to the brain through those neurons and hormones that travel from the heart to the brain.

And third, I’m an electrical organ, and I send signals that are 40–60 times stronger than the brain. Research has shown the electromagnetic field carries at least 2.5 watts of power for every beat of the heart, and that is broadcast all around us.

Like a radio signal, each beat is a wave of energy and carries a frequency. That frequency can be positive, like love or appreciation, and it has a positive effect on others. Or the frequency can be negative, like anger or frustration, and it broadcasts off us to be felt by others.


Gracing: Why is that important?


The Heart: Because when you feel a certain emotion, you are radiating that feeling out to the people around you—in the workplace, at home, in the grocery store. Everywhere. With advanced equipment, research has shown the heart’s magnetic energy is 5,000 times more powerful than the brain, and can be measured up to six feet away from the body. So the heart is a connective organ that not only communicates to the brain, but to other people and animals too.


Gracing: It sounds like you have a lot of jobs. What do you feel best about?


The Heart: I love being in partnership with you. I love when we both are in sync. My purpose is fulfilled when we can create harmony and coherence. Every person has the resource and capacity to experience that “sweet spot” of peace, creativity, clarity of purpose and love. But circumstances often separate us, and we get disconnected which makes me express emotions of sadness, depression or even fear.


Gracing: How do we develop a relationship with our own heart?


The Heart: With simple and yet deceptively powerful practices, you and your heart can develop a relationship. If you want to be able to experience more balance, harmony, peace and love in all aspects of your life, you can start with practical practices that were developed by The Institute of HeartMath®. When you learn and use some basic tools, you will empower and potentially transform your life.

We’ve all experienced those times of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, worried or afraid. What if you had a resource at your disposal that could transform those disruptive feelings into a sense of calm and peace? How would your life be enriched? Lydia Gracing is offering a special HeartMath® program called “Building Personal Resilience.”

During this five-week program, you will learn how to access your heart’s intelligence to reduce stress, experience more vitality, increase mental clarity and fulfillment. As a group, you and the other participants will learn practical practices to use in your daily lives.

The program includes five two-hour group sessions scheduled weekly, a personal HeartMath® guidebook, and a small group breakout with between three and 10 people. This program will take place on the following dates: February 23, March 2, March 9, March 16 and March 23, 2–4 p.m.

For more information and to reserve your spot, call 941-373-3944. Lydia Gracing is a Joyologist with a mission to engage others to become their own joyologists. She is a certified Institute of HeartMath Coach®, Angel Intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She provides intuitive counseling, education and energy therapies to uplift, inspire and heal the heart.  To learn more, or to book an appointment or program with Lydia Gracing, contact Four Pillars, call 941-373-3955, email [email protected] or visit Four Pillars is located at 8209 Natures Way, Suite 221, Lakewood Ranch.



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