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It’s Tune-Up Time for Women’s Health Month

Because many women are known to multi-task, their broad list of concerns often distracts them from watching out for their own health.  In today’s world, it’s no secret that many women are overloaded and stressed.

At Lotus Stress Relief, as we approach Mother’s Day, it’s time for our annual Women’s Tune-Up Time. This is a pleasant experience, as woman are invited relax in a lounger and watch the colored screen that shows them what their bodies are asking for.

We use the Lotus-LIFE System, a state-of-the-art Quantum Biofeedback device, which indicates the parts of the body that most need attention. Then, energy for these areas is sent in, and the systems are boosted. Next, the device checks for which vitamins, minerals and hormones the body needs, and it supplies them energetically. The same is also done for mental stressors, emotional tensions and buried traumas which clears women of internal burdens.

Because so many Woman are constantly on high-alert, we also show them how it feels to be deeply relaxed by turning on their parasympathetic nerval system. This is a way for women to treat themselves to a new lease on life. This month, the normal $120 session has a special bargain price for Natural Awakenings readers—­­­­­­­­$25 off the session for a price of $95. This is also a beautiful gift for someone you love.


Location: 2965 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota. To schedule a session, call 941-927-5657.

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