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Women’s Health Tends to Be More Vulnerable than Men’s

Apr 30, 2019 02:24PM

This Mother’s Day, consider gifting a special woman with tender loving care that can change her life by reducing her stress. Female bodies bear more natural stress over their lifetimes due to hormonal cycles, childbirth and menopause, and the responsibilities for spouses, children and elderly parents often shouldered by women who also perform high-stress jobs.

Women now lead men in heart disease, stroke, lung and breast cancer, COPD, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, broken bones, falls, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Medical studies link daily practices of therapeutic yoga to better health because yoga manages stress. Learning to slow down, breathe deeply, remain calm, tune inward, unplug, move, and relax the mind and body can help address the underlying causes of heart attack, stroke, weight problems and other serious conditions not addressed by strength training and medications alone. 

Cardio, stress management, and bone, muscle and lung strength can be improved in as little as 15 minutes each day of a home yoga practice designed for these needs. Support a woman to take better care of herself! Empowered 2 Wellness Yoga Therapy at Midtown Medical Plaza is offering two sessions for the price of one throughout the month of May to new clients. Help a woman learn simple practices to extend her life.


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