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Introducing a Self-Empowering Book Titled The Gypspirit

Her mother’s death forced author Kat Schuetz to embark on an intense spiritual journey. She began to study any spiritual or philosophical teaching she could grab hold of. She dove into Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism. She read the Wiccan traditions, Shamanic teachings, and Kabbalah or Christian doctrine. She became immersed in the Norse, Greek and Egyptian mythologies. Then she familiarized herself with New Age literature, mystery teachings, modern psychology, and consciousness and quantum physics.

But around the same time, Schuetz also began to meditate, to perceive inner worlds and to practice yoga. She worked with Tarot Cards and Kabbalah, engaged in Vedic astrology, and planetary forces and their mantras. She joined mystery schools and interacted with energy healers.

Through this process, “Know Thyself” became her life motto, leading to an even deeper mantra of “Heal Thyself”

But the most profound, life-altering technique she learned was the dream journey. This is an ancient shamanic practice which allows a person to travel into the inner, non-ordinary worlds without losing ego consciousness and control, as in normal dreams. In this self-exploration to see the unseen, one meets their guides and ancestors.

Schuetz works intimately with a shamanic practitioner and co-founder of a mystery school in England named Chetna Lawless who has become her close friend. At specific times, she also here in the Sarasota area. Schuetz’s profound, self-empowering and mind-opening journey full of wisdom and experience has transformed into her new book The Gypspirit.


The Gypspirit is available for purchase on Amazon and

May 2021 Digital Edition


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