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Letter from the Publisher June 2019

Well, friends...we have made it to summer! June is officially here, temperatures are on the rise, school is out of session, and you are probably thinking ahead to a beach vacation. With the sunny weather and long hours of daylight ahead, there are tons of opportunities this time of year to be outside investing in physical health and fitness, but this month at Natural Awakenings, there is another facet of wellness we want to address—mental health.


In fact, this June issue is all about how to ensure the optimal function and longevity of the brain, with practical advice on how to make the care, nourishment and exercise of your brain an integral part of your wellness routine. So on that note, here is a peek inside all the goods you are sure to find packed into our latest issue!  


To kick our theme off, the feature article for this month is called “This Is Your Brain: Feed It Well,” and it explores how nutrition can delay or even inhibit the onset of cognitive illnesses such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, this article points out that a holistic approach to eating with an emphasis on natural, organic foods, as well as community-based initiatives that educate people on how to access healthier ingredients and prepare balanced meals, can make all the difference in sustaining brain health for a longer period of time.    


Also on the topic of nutrition-based healing, our “Conscious Eating” column dives into the medicinal benefits of the humble mushroom which supports both physical and cognitive health. When it comes to a mushroom powered brain boost, there are numerous options in which to consume this fungus such as the dried, powdered and fresh varieties. In addition, foraging for mushrooms in nature can also be a fun outdoor activity this summer—just do your research beforehand, as certain species are not safe for human ingestion.


Finally, a major deterrent to ideal brain function is the prevalence of stress in our daily routines, and this month’s “Healthy Kids” article focuses on how to trade chaos for calm in your household by adopting a minimalist lifestyle. The idea behind this practice is that when you decrease the amount of material “stuff” and clutter from your home, the more peaceful margin and space you will create for the whole family. This leads to a more grounded, balanced and harmonious quality of life in a multitude of different areas.


And that, readers, is just a taste of all the insight and enjoyment out June issue has to offer. Please send any comments, questions or feedback to [email protected], and in the meantime, here’s wishing you a summer full of memories!






Natural Awakenings of Sarasota August 2020 Digital Edition


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