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Manage Your Stress to Live Long and Well

May 31, 2019 03:33PM

There are places in the world where populations live in health and harmony into old age. They have in common lifestyles that transform stress through practices of mindfulness, relaxation, moderate activity, community interdependence, positive relationships and nutritious diets of unprocessed foods.   

Managing stress is crucial for quality and longevity of life because it builds resilience, immunity, stamina and mental stability. A 2010 study reported in Psychosomatic Medicine points to the importance of prioritizing stress management.

Psychoneuroimmunologist Janice Kiecolt-Glaser compared the blood of regular yoga practitioners to non-practitioners, and the blood of these non-practitioners was less resilient to stress. Measured over time, the original levels of pro-inflammatory cells continued to decrease, while anti-inflammatory cells continued to increase in those with a regular yoga practice.

This study emphasizes the significant difference in health that an integrated approach of yoga therapy for stress management can have. Prioritizing exercise in breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and body therapy, customized to a person’s condition, age, occupation and circumstances, makes yoga available to all people.

practice enables them to release stress in the present, move beyond stress from the past, inoculate against future damage, and respond to setbacks as setups to evolve. Individualized sessions awaken self-care lifestyles that can benefit all of society. Healthy habits take no more time to practice than harmful habits—it’s a matter of how you want to live. 


Empowered 2 Wellness Yoga Therapy at Midtown Medical Plaza is offering two sessions for the price of one to new clients in June. To schedule a free consultation, call  941-316-6893.





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