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A Therapist for All Seasons: The Unique Story of D.J. Kovaly, Holistic Healing Consultant

Life often presents solutions in adversity. The seeds of D.J. Kovaly’s resilient, even miraculous, recovery were germinated in the fires of a severe September 1975 auto accident when he was hit by a drunk driver and, for a time, was unable to escape the burning vehicle. With burns covering 90% of his body, combined with multiple impact injuries, doctors did not expect him to live. Yet he did, and he believes that he survived for a special reason.

            Kovaly’s healing process made medical history at the time and now forms the foundation of his diverse therapeutic mastery of recovery and rehabilitation. His complete understanding of pain is born of personal experience, both past and present, since he still loves and copes with some pain on a daily basis. As he recovered, he sought answers not only for himself, but for others too, and he found an even deeper healing in the process. Kovaly’s positive reaction to his constant pain drove him on an amazingly diverse educational journey.

            Rarely do you find a therapist so fully steeped in a blend of Eastern and Western medical traditions directed toward the body, mind and spirit. It was this thorough mix of the integrative arts that helped give Kovaly his life back and that now serves as the inspiration for his life’s work. The length and breadth of his studies indicates the extent of his passion for healing. With Kovaly as a speaker, consultant or therapist for your own recovery process, you will benefit from his multi-faceted synthesis of modalities and therapeutic expertise. He is truly a Renaissance man of the healing arts whom you’ll want to hear more from.         


D.J. Kovaly offers free consultations, and his sessions are mobile, so he will come to his patients to make the experience as accessible and convenient as possible. For more information, call 941-350-7232 or email [email protected]     




May 2022 Digital Edition



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