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Back-to-School Stress and Sickness? Not on Fusion Therapy’s Watch!

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer 



If there are kids in your household, then you are all-too-familiar with this time of year and what it entails. New pencils, binders and notebooks are being purchased. That backpack which hasn’t been touched all summer is being crammed with this year’s haul of supplies. Orientations are being announced, and class schedules are being distributed.  

In other words, back-to-school season is here. This month of transition can be difficult for both students and their parents to navigate, but when you consider the added irritation of classroom germs, this complicates it even further. While the rapid-fire pace of this season is an unavoidable part of raising school-age children, you can do something to minimize their—and your—risk of illness and ensure that health is a priority.  

Sure, you could send them off to the classroom armed with tissues and antibacterial soap. But that is not what I’m talking about here—what if there was an intervention that did more than just sanitize their hands or mask their sniffles? What if their immune systems could be fortified in advance, so they can take on the school year at maximum capacity? This is the exact kind of treatment offered at Fusion Therapy in Sarasota, and to learn more about this alternative option for back-to-school wellness, I spoke with Fusion’s co-founder Gena Lewis Schibler. Below are the highlights of our conversation.   


Natural Awakenings: How does the body respond to Dry Salt Therapy, and what specific kinds of wellness benefits can this treatment modality offer? 

Gena Lewis Schibler: For those unfamiliar with Dry Salt Therapy, the process is quite simple. A session begins with entering the Grande Salt Suites, covered from floor to ceiling with Dead Sea salt. This mineral-rich environment immediately will invite you to release negativity and settle into a zero-gravity lounger. 

How does the treatment itself work? Dry salt is highly absorbent, so it acts like a sponge to attract foreign substances in the respiratory tract. As you breathe in the aerosolized salt air, the dry salt then acts like a gentle toothbrush to clean out the respiratory system and help the body remove non-natural elements that might cause respiratory ailments or disease.    

Some of the many benefits of our Dry Salt Therapy include the abatement of bronchial inflammation, the removal of airborne pollen particles from your airwaves, the cleansing and sanitation of those airwaves, the fortification of your immune system to decrease an allergic reaction to toxins, the prevention and treatment of common flu or cold symptoms, the reduction of snoring and more adequate sleep, and the improvement of dermatological issues such as acne, psoriasis or dermatitis.  


NA: As many of us prepare to enter back-to-school season this month, and families will be exposed to classroom germs, can you elaborate more on how Dry Salt Therapy works to prevent sickness and maintain optimal health? 

Lewis Schibler: Both adults and children are exposed to pollutants, airborne diseases, bacteria, allergens and other irritating factors on a daily basis. Not to mention, in recent months, our part of Florida has been bombarded with even more toxins such as Cyanobacteria, Red Tide, Green Algae and Glyphosate, for instance. 

 Dry Salt Therapy is the only known method to cleanse and detox the lungs, as well as to invigorate the entire body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake. A consistent Dry Salt Therapy practice is an excellent way to aide the breathing and improve quality of life with the elimination of these harmful toxins.     

In the month of August, we are offering private Dry Salt Therapy sessions to accommodate busy families. We can treat everyone in your group at the same save time! Here is a break-down of the different packages available: 

  • Full Party: six people in our Grande Salt Suite — 45 minutes for $75 

  • Small Family: three people in our Petite Salt Suite (toys for children included) — 30 minutes for $35 

  • The Private: two adults in our Petite Salt Suite with a strong concentration of salt — 45 minutes for $40  


NA: This season can often be hectic or stressful for children and parents alike, so is this modality an effective way to soothe mental pressure too? 

Lewis Schibler: Absolutely! Because no allergen or pathogen can live in our sterile salt rooms, the body will receive a complete rest and break from battling environmental toxins or germs. The 45-minute Dry Salt Therapy session allows your nervous system to reset, calm down and heal. This process is so relaxing that most people fall into a restorative sleep. 


NA: In addition to Dry Salt Therapy, what other modalities do you offer and how can they be used as adjuncts to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle? 

Lewis Schibler: At Fusion Therapy, we built our Dry Salt Therapy rooms to complement our main and most popular modality—Lymphatic Drainage. In fact, our massage therapists are extremely skilled in this field, with over 45 years of accumulated experience after both personal studies and mentorship from Bruno Chikly, DO, the founder of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. 

The ideal treatment we offer here at Fusion is a 60-minute Lymphatic Drainage session, followed by 45 minutes of Dry Salt Therapy. For children, we recommend 30 minutes in our Petite Suite. In order to feel and be healthy, the removal of toxic matter is an essential aspect of a well-functioning, optimized body.  

The human body consists of organs, systems and glands which are designed to filter both environmental and biological toxins. The lymphatic system is crucial for the detoxification process which promotes strong immune function. The lymphatic system—which is also part of the immune system—is much like a slow river that absorbs and transports fatty acids. It carries the white blood cells both to and from the lymph nodes into the bones, as well as performing many other functions that are supported by the liver.    

Although bodies contain three times more lymphatic fluid than blood, the lymphatic system does not have a major organ to pump or circulate its fluid throughout. The immense toxins from the environment, nutrient deficiencies, and GMOs or processed food contribute to a number of lymphatic disruptions and impairments.    

Therefore, it’s easy and common for this system to be clogged or overwhelmed, When the lymphatic system is loaded with toxins, that river becomes more of a “swamp.” This toxic buildup can result in sinus issues, unexplained pain, frequent headaches, chronic fatigue, skin conditions, digestive imbalances, injury flares, depression, excess weight, stiffness or inflammation, all of which can be successfully alleviated with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.    


NA: Does Fusion Therapy have any workshops, special events or client incentives we should look out for in the month of August? 

Lewis Schibler: Starting this month, Fusion is excited to offer an unlimited Dry Salt Therapy package for only $99. Recent studies from Europe show the immense benefits you can experience from concentrated Dry Salt Therapy sessions for quick durations of time. This research also shows the benefits of two or three Dry Salt Therapy treatments per week can last for several months after the consecutive sessions have ended. 

So our $99 unlimited Dry Salt Membership can be purchased for a 30-day period of your choice. It’s even safe for the body to experience on a daily basis, so feel free to come anytime we are open for your consecutive 30 days. This concentrated duration of Dry Salt Therapy boosts immune function, regulates the central nervous system, detoxifies the skin, cleanses the respiratory system and even helps to stimulate hair growth.   

Dry Salt Therapy is an effective, safe and clean therapy that we hope our community will take advantage of. This $99 incentive is our effort to simplify people’s access to Dry Salt Therapy, making it even more affordable and flexible—especially in the midst of red tide exposure, allergy seasons and back-to-school germs.   



Gena Lewis Schibler is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician who is trained in a number of modalities such as visceral manipulation, medical aromatherapy, myofascial release, sound healing, lymphatic draining and craniosacral therapy. She is a graduate of both the Sarasota School of Message and the Florida Academy of Skin Care, and she is the one of the senior partners at Fusion Therapy, located at 7069 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 941-921-7900 or visit  


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is the Managing Editor of Natural Awakenings Sarasota–Manatee. She also works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer based in Southwest Florida. Her personal blog features practical tips for embracing an active, nutritious and empowered lifestyle.  








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