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Send Distance Healing to Someone You Love

One advantage of modern communications is the accessibility of high-level distance healing on a Quantum Physics system. If you know someone out of town who deals with a chronic illness, anxiety, stress, lack of concentration, difficulty sleeping, or any number of mental and physical concerns, distance healing is an excellent way to show them you care.  

This is an entirely new approach to wellness that uses Bio-Physics to restore the body to balance. The method is natural too, with no toxins or medications involved. Distance healing measures the body’s frequencies to clear the impaired frequencies and replace them with the correct frequencies that will create optimal health. 

The computer program used for this modality is called the LIFE System. It is registered with the FDA in Washington, DC as a stress reduction device, and it can be performed on anyone from a remote location—thus, distance healing. 

There are no side-effects associated with distance healing either. The adjustment of frequencies is an intelligent, harmless way to address the entire body. These frequencies can be used to de-program emotional stresses, mental conflicts and even buried traumas. Lotus Stress Relief in Sarasota is one of the leaders in this field. Founded almost 20 years ago, this local company has pioneered the continued development of Quantum Biofeedback. We have helped individuals all across the U.S. to use this new form of health care. 

The experience of a distance healing session is low-key and relaxing. We start by obtaining the recipient’s name, home address, then date and place of birth. With that information, the Quantum Biofeedback system proceeds to calibrates them. Using mathematical algorithms, it establishes their Resonant Frequency Pattern which allows a connection between the client’s subconscious, and the LIFE System software. 

After running a three- to four- minute Reactivity Test, the LIFE System picks up over 7,000 points of data about their body, emotions, and vitamins and hormone levels. Then, after running a two-minute Susceptibility Test, we can see the three main areas of acute stress which need to be addressed, as well as the lower areas of chronic stresses that need to be bolstered. Finally, once these areas have been identified, the person’s imbalances can then be de-programmed and returned to homeostasis.  


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