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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Opening the Heart to Divine Love

   by Mirabai Devi  
Divine Light is the highest frequency in the Universe. Because Its nature is pure consciousness, Divine Light moves through all boundaries of time and space.  
We have all experienced painful struggles, such as rejection, betrayal, and abandonment. These experiences, in addition to countless others, accumulate into Emotional Pain. The more this Painbuilds from the hurt we’ve experienced, the more our heart chakra becomes congested. The channel for Light to enter our heart narrows, for very little Light can flow through a closed heart.  
Another way we create Emotional Pain is through our own violation of nature, through family and lineage karma, and through our negative thoughts, actions, and deeds. Because we genetically store all family and lineage negativity, it’s equally as important to cleanse our lineage, as it is the karma of our own life and lifetimes.  
Emotional Pain must be cleansed and removed because once it builds to a certain degree in the chakras and internal organs, it will begin to manifest in the body as physical illness or disease.  
We cleanse Emotional Pain through spiritual practices of peace-making and forgiveness prayers, mantras, guided and silent meditations, and through purification exercises like yoga and breath work. Divine grace is a way of cleansing through transmission of Divine Light.  
Once we begin cleansing the pain, the heart opens, and we can begin to feel love for ourselves and for others. We begin to develop compassion and kindness, including for animals, plants, trees, the elements, and all creatures on earth.  
When the heart is open, we can hear the inner voice within guiding us. Listen to the deep inner voice of the heart; this is the Divine Light speaking to us. Let the heart lead, guide, and direct to the Light of our soul. 


Mirabai Devi, international spiritual teacher, facilitator for healing and author, will visit the Sarasota area from August 8th15th. Her visit will kick-off with two events: a free public event on Friday, August 9th, An Evening with Mirabai Devi, followed by a second paid event on Saturday, August 10th, An Evening of Miraculous Healing, Light Transmissions and Prayer with Mirabai Devi. Both events will be held at the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Lights, 5041 Ringwood Meadow Bldg G-25, Sarasota. Mirabai will also be offering private sessions during her time in Sarasota.  


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