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Vibrational Economy

Vibration describes the energetic integrity of our world. Something with a high vibration has a more conscious quality, and something with a low vibration is less integrated. Vibrational economy is one where we maximize the total energy circulation of all members. In this economy, free energy is achieved through frictionless giving and receiving. We attain perfect systematic vibration through the holistic enhancement of an individual’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

In this utopian society, there is no capped and unequal financial distribution which constrains our ability to fulfill our dreams.  Since everyone is a divine participant of the universe, and we are completely interdependent on one another, it’s impossible to separate one person’s contribution from another’s. 

Currently, we live in a world of polarity. Mystics teach that, in order to achieve enlightenment, we need to transcend such polarity. Buddha’s famous Heart Sutra cautions us against the experience of eight extremes which are arising and ceasing, coming and going, singular and multiple, and permanence and non-existence. We are advised to embrace a life of the Middle Way—the middle of these eight extremes where all is balanced and equal. 

It is not possible to measure the value of one person’s economic contribution to society because it requires that we account for all the ripple effects for past, present and future generations. Since one person’s well-being affects those around him or her, this ripple effect is exponential and beyond current calculation capacity. 

When we consider the view that “as within, so without,” and that in one single atom is the omniscience of the entire universe, the only sensible way to account for everyone’s contribution to the whole is complete equality. This view allows us to achieve perfect serenity and unconditional love toward all living beings.


To learn more about the vibrational economy, contact  Kathy Sun, 917-565-5251 or [email protected]  Location: Elysian Fields, 1273 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-361-3006 or visit

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