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What Do Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls Do?

Sep 30, 2019 11:56AM ● By Janet Lindsay

Most of the people have seen singing quartz crystal bowls being played at events, yoga centers and various holistic gatherings. The sound of these crystal bowls is enchanting, peaceful and divine. We find these instruments in healing centers, hospitals, birth centers, yoga studios and more. Listening and tuning in to the sound of these frequencies creates an immediate shift in mood, and even our breath slows down and becomes deeper.  

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center and author of Sounds of Healing, uses these bowls with his patients. The crystal bowls are made from pure crushed quartz and heated to about 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold. Upon cooling down, each bowl will choose its musical note.  

How do these crystal devices heal? We are 70% water, and our bones have a crystalline structure, so we are primed to receive these healing frequencies from the crystal. Playing these instruments creates am entrainment between our bodies and the sound. These balanced singing bowls will trigger a relaxation response which kicks the parasympathetic nervous system into gear. Each of these bowls also has a musical note that corresponds to certain energy centers-chakras in the body, and can be also correct imbalances in certain organ systems.  

These crystal bowls can be played as instruments or placed on the human body for a deeper and more profound healing. If you have questions about these sound healing crystal bowls, contact Beata Molnar. She is an energy healer and biofeedback technician who uses a large collection of these crystals in her practice in the Healing Room. She also does group sound healing. 


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