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Business Spotlight: Energy Clearing for All Seasons of Life

Oct 31, 2019 02:37PM

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer 


“From the outside, looking in, I had the ‘picture perfect’ life—a wonderful husband and two kids, a successful marketing company, a beautiful home and fabulous vacations. I seemed like a true pillar of the community. However, on the inside, a storm was ready to make landfall,” remarks Lara Jaye, an intuitive coach and spiritual mentor, who is based in Sarasota but uses her dynamic modalities and over 25 years of experience to impact lives across the globe. 

In response to how she initially came to pursue this unique and soul-inspiring work, Jaye enumerates, “I struggled with depression, a major health crisis, self-hared, an empty nest, the end of my 25-year marriage and increased frustration with my marketing company that I didn’t have the strength to sustain. As a last-ditch effort, I began to seek alternate options to heal such as meditation, Reiki and light language. Soon this unique language came through my own voice, and as a result, I now speak and write Light Language.  

“In 2020, I plan to teach others how to access this incredible and powerful channel for themselves. Living out of harmony with my own identity and no one else to guide me into these choppy waters is where my passion for helping others stems from. I combine Reiki energy healing and light language in moving stuck energy—imprints, patterns, entities, spirits and more—from people, places, land or businesses. There are only a few people in the world attuned to Light Language, but more and more are introduced to it each day.”  

This profound inner sojourn took her from emotional burnout and transitional chaos to personal discovery, renewed stamina, a deep-rooted sense of empowerment, and the urge to help others achieve that same feeling of purpose in their own stories—an undertaking that would also transport Jaye from the Midwest to the Suncoast of Florida. “I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, but have been working in Sarasota since 2014,” she explains.  

“I find this area to be spiritually conscious, and my clients are eager to embrace new modalities to assist them along their journeys. I lead workshops, and on most Thursdays, I meet with clients at Salt of the Earth Sarasota on Clark Road. Otherwise, most of my work is done over the phone or on Zoom Video Chat with clients all over the world. In addition to customized VIP events, online courses, retreats and public speaking, here is a breakdown of the different services and modalities I offer.”  

  • Intuitive Energy Clearing: This 60-minute session includes the clearing of blocked energy, non-serving beliefs, and stuck emotions, patterns, imprints or templates that prevent clients from becoming their truest selves. In this process, their cells are imprinted with new higher frequencies and vibrations to assist in healing.    

  • Intuitive Spiritual Coaching: This combines learning tools for success in all areas of life in order to open clients to their own intuition. A personalized energy clearing is included in each session as well.  

  • Home and Land Clearings: If walls could talk, what would they reveal? Walls, spaces, homes, and land contain living energy which is often disruptive. If clients struggle to sell their homes or feel off-balanced in a new home, a space clearing would transform those negative, weak energies to allow for lighter, positive and helpful energies. 

  • Business Clearings: In addition to clearing a physical space, this process also enables business leaders and staff members to be cleared of blockages which can ultimately promote higher revenues.  

  • Shining Soul Monthly Club: These sessions occur bi-monthly over the phone and include spiritual guidance, meditations and energy clearing. This helps create a life more aligned with the spirit and values of each client. This cost is $5 initially, then $35 for each month thereafter.  


Executives, business owners, influencers and leaders seek Lara Jaye to guide them or their teams professionally and personally. She helps them clear areas of their lives to allow for inner satisfaction, expanded intuition, fulfilling relationships, vibrant health and a meaningful life. As a soul-inspiring CEO, thought leader, intuitive executive coach, spiritual mentor, international best-selling author, healer, speaker and podcast host, Lara Jaye’s healing modality includes the transmission of healing codes through Light Language. This offers a life-changing experience to up-level your life.  


In her number-one best-selling Amazon book More Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Potential and Live Your Bravest Dream, she guides others through transitions, while reaching for their bravest dream. In the international best-selling books that she co-authored—Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health and Success—Lara Jaye tells her story titled “God-Spark.” Then, in her most recent book Courageous Hearts, she describes her courageous path in “Finding My Happy.” She is a Butler University graduate in Indianapolis, certified intuitive coach, Reiki master and teacher, entrepreneur and light language transmitter. For more information, call 941-419-6058 or visit and  






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