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Letter from Publisher February 2020

In our cultural tradition—as well as in many other cultures around the world, from Mexico to Ireland to Singapore—February is celebrated as the season of love. Romance blooms with an abundance of roses, chocolates and sweethearts walking hand-in-hand, but this time of year is not just about romantic desire and attraction. It can also be a reminder to practice self-love and nurture the connections with our family and friends. Whatever relationships you choose to focus on this month, Natural Awakenings is full of inspiration to help you feel the love—and pass it on to others. Let’s take a peek inside!  


It would not be a Valentine’s Day issue if we didn’t first and foremost discuss the central theme of this whole season—the heart. Our feature article for this month is on “Cardiovascular Health” and the importance of lifestyle choices that maintain a strong, vibrant, dynamic heart. In the next decade, almost half the number of adults in this country are projected to suffer from cardiovascular disease and related health issues, so to protect yourself from the risk, this article delves into how simple, natural and practical shifts can make all the difference.    


Continuing on this topic, our “Fit Body” column explores the benefits of vascular fitness as an integral part of any workout routine. All kinds of aerobic exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, rowing or even walking can boost your heart rate and promote clear, robust, flexible blood vessels. If you are new to aerobic exercise, small and incremental movements like just taking an extra 100 steps each day can lead to major strides in cardiovascular wellness.     


Finally, do not miss our “Choosing Love” article, written by social activist Scarlett Lewis, the founder of a nonprofit called Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement in memory of her six-year-old son who was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy. Out of her grief stemmed a desire to desire to teach children the life-skills they need to feel empowered and thrive mentally and emotionally in both personal and relational contexts. The enrichment program she subsequently created has reached all 50 states and has impacted more than one million kids. In this article, Lewis describes why choosing love is not a one-time decision—it’s a continuous way of life.   


As usual, dear readers, this is just a quick glance at all the inspirational content you’ll find tucked within these pages. It’s always a treat to hear your thoughts on each issue, so please send any comments, questions or feedback to [email protected] And from the Natural Awakenings team to all of you—here’s to love and light this Valentine’s Day!  



Natural Awakenings of Sarasota October 2020 Digital Edition



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