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Hormone Replacement Therapy at Point Lumineux

Are you one of the many people who have not yet heard of hormone replacement therapy? Well, do not feel alone—those seeking assistance for their health and well-being are often not presented hormone replacement therapy as an option.  

Hormone replacement therapy is a process that utilizes biochemistry testing to correct hormonal deficiencies in the body. Estrogen assists in the production of serotonin, a chemical that affects mood and the ability to handle stress. Commonly experienced among women in their 30s and older who experience menopause or are post-menopausal, the lack of estrogen is a can cause hot flashes, changes in moods or behavior, and impaired bone health. Progesterone is another hormone which the body releases to regulate the ovulation cycle and metabolism. When experiencing menopause, the body ceases to release progesterone which results in increased migraines, decreased ability to handle stress and irregular menstrual cycles.  

In addition, for men, testosterone assists in building muscle, hair growth, and plays a major role in libido. Men approaching their 40s or who undergo andropause, commonly experience a decrease in testosterone that can result in low levels of energy, infertility, weight gain, and hair loss.  

Hormone replacement therapy can be administered in oral, topical or pellet form. It significantly relieves symptoms caused by menopause and andropause. If you or a loved one has looked for relief, but have not found a consistent treatment, hormone replacement therapy could be the option you have been waiting for.  


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