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Letter From Publisher March 2020

Mar 01, 2020 11:42AM ● By Janet Lindsay

March ushers in the newness of spring. This month, with its fresh blooms and crisp breezes, makes everything around us feel more spirited and alive. The bright colors in nature reflect the warmth of this season—pastel blues, vibrant greens and sunlit yellows. The hours stretch longer, and the outdoors beckon to adventurers, beach combers and even spring breakers. This time of year is all the more enticing here in Florida since the weather has not yet reached peak humidity, and there are tons of opportunities to energize our senses, move our bodies, invest in our wellness and absorb that Vitamin D. This month’s issue of Natural Awakenings is all about radiating the beauty of this season, so let’s take a glimpse inside! 


Our feature article for March is “Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet,” and spring is the ideal time to embrace the health and environmental benefits of this lifestyle. With an abundance of seasonal produce like carrots, apricots, spinach, avocados, fennel and asparagus, it’s both simple and delicious to introduce more fruit- and vegetable-forward meals into your diet. Whether you choose to follow a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or flexitarian plan, this article breaks down all the reasons why boosting your intake of these nutrient-dense foods can transform your health and do wonders for the planet. 


While on the subject of plant-based nutrition, if you are new to this diet and still crave steak-and-potatoes comfort food at the dinner table, this month’s “Conscious Eating” article will show you the basics of creating plant-based versions of classic meaty recipes. By experimenting with diverse textures, ingredients, aromatics and flavor profiles, many vegan chefs can turn even the staunchest of carnivores into produce aficionados—and after reading this article, you just might be able to do the same!   


A common question that many people have when considering a plant-based lifestyle is, “Will I consume enough protein if I reduce or eliminate meat?” As an answer to this, our “Fit Body” article delves into the concept of vegan fitness and how plant-based athletes fuel their bodies with the right sources of protein to build muscle, sustain exertion and maximize their overall performance. In fact, as this article points out, some of the most recognizable names in sports, like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and tennis champion Venus Williams, follow a plant-based regimen and confirm it makes them stronger.     


Well, readers—this is a season of new possibilities, fresh starts and vibrant changes. So, if you feel empowered to make the shift toward a healthier lifestyle, the area of nutrition is an easy place to begin, and this issue is chock-full of ideas for motivation and inspiration. Let us know about the wellness initiatives you’re making, and send us an email at [email protected] We are so grateful for your continued feedback and support!     



Natural Awakenings of Sarasota October 2020 Digital Edition



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