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Letter From Publisher May 2020

How about a wellness check-in, readers? We are several months into the new, foreign and unprecedented reality of COVID-19, and all of our lives are being impacted. So, how are you in this current landscape? How are your loved ones? How is your health—both in the physical and emotional sense? What are you doing to maintain a positive mindset while in quarantine? What insights have you learned about yourself in the process?  


I know these circumstances are difficult, but Natural Awakenings is here to serve you with inspiration and encouragement as we all walk this out together. Just because physical distance is essential right now does not mean we can’t find other ways to connect. As you read this issue, I hope it makes you feel closer to our Sarasota wellness community. I hope it brightens your horizon and reminds you that none of us are alone in this. So, on that note, let’s peek inside at what our May issue has to offer!    


The feature article for this month is on “Autoimmune Breakthroughs,” a timely subject given that many people in our families and communities—or maybe even ourselves—are immune-compromised and, therefore, at a higher risk for the virus. Millions of Americans suffer from autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s disease, psoriasis and Type-1 diabetes. Not only do these conditions make some people more vulnerable than others to COVID-19, but they can also diminish quality of life for those who must deal with the symptoms. However, there are ways to combat these illnesses through diet and lifestyle shifts which this article examines in-depth.  


On the topic of diet, our “Conscious Eating” column dives into mindfulness in the kitchen which feels so important right now as our bodies acclimate to a loss of routine and an increase in stress or anxiety. Nutritious foods that strike a wholesome balance of nourishment and comfort are exactly what we all need, and since many of us are spending more time at home, this practice starts in the kitchen. From the quality of ingredients that we choose, to the aromatics of flavors and spices, to the meditative act of cooking, to the enjoyment of a meal that our own hands created, mindful eating habits are restorative to both our bodies and souls.  


With many fitness studios closed for the time being, we need to think more creatively about how to incorporate exercise into our daily lives. Movement helps to strengthen our immune systems and enhance our moods, but we also need low-maintenance workouts that can be done in our own living rooms—and this month’s “Fit Body” article has that covered. In this article, we explore dancing as a way to reinforce balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health, endurance, bone density and cognitive function. You don’t have to be an experienced dancer to reap these benefits either. Just be free with your movements, release those endorphins, increase that heart rate and turn your house into a makeshift dance floor. 


Well, friends, that’s a glimpse of what Natural Awakenings has to offer in this issue. Please send comments, questions and feedback to [email protected] Your continued support of our magazine is appreciated, so from our whole team—be safe, healthy and well!   




Natural Awakenings of Sarasota September 2020 Digital Edition


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