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Point Lumineux Is Still Open and Here to Serve Your Wellness Needs

Hello, friends! The team at Point Lumineux wants to take a minute and just convey that we hope you all are healthy and sane in the midst of these crazy times. We are all adjusting and doing the best we can with the situation at hand, so remember to be gentle with yourself and others. 

We have some new methods of operating these days, but we are still seeing patients for medically essential appointments. If you need cannabis, functional medicine, hormones, prescriptions, vitamin IVs or injections, we can help. We also offer COVID Antibody testing, so if you think that you might have contracted the virus—either currently or previously—we can test for this. For the majority of Dr. Hoffmeister’s patients, we are scheduling “telemed” appointments which are simple and convenient for both the patient and doctor.  

We also offer curb-side appointments, so you don’t need to leave your car for certain services. If you need an IV or injections, we can see you inside, but we have a limit of one guest in our practice at a time. If your immune system needs a boost, get some nutrients in you! IVs are the most beneficial way to deliver powerful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, NAD and other nutrients that bypass digestion and enter straight into the bloodstream for maximum absorption.  

Our entire staff receives weekly injections and regular IVs to keep our immune systems strong and repellant to would-be invaders. We can attest to these health benefits firsthand, and we are here to care for your wellness needs too. 


For more information, call 941-217-6828, email [email protected] or visit 




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