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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

The OM Shoppe Offers Virtual Sound Journeys

Music is medicine, and The OM Shoppe has exciting new virtual Sound Baths and Sound Journeys to offer you. The OM Sound Journey is a 60-minute hypnotically guided, immersive meditation experience to relax the body, calm the nervous system and invite connection with your inner self. This is a composition of meditative sound in which professional hypnosis (hypnotic induction, neuro linguistic programming and hypnotic suggestion) combines with an improvised flow of various types of sound therapy instruments for deep relaxation, well-being and inner exploration.  

OM Sound Journeys are transformative active listening experiences of numerous vibrations, during which the entire atmosphere invites you to receive unconditional loving energy, so that your inner imagery and wisdom to guide you into emotional peace and freedom. Each journey experience is unique, so we invite you to discover the magic that happens when musicians, sound healers and professional hypnotherapist Beth A Snyder, CCHt, Pedro J. Arevallo, Zulema Ibarra, Nancy Parlor work together to become Resonance, a musical medicine band like no other.  


For more information, call 941-706-3257, follow The OM Shoppe on Facebook or visit  


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