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Vibroacoustic Chair Treatments now available at The OM Shoppe & Spa

Vibroacoustic therapy can improve a myriad of health conditions and boost immunity. Unlike other sound therapies, the sound you receive through a vibroacoustic chair affects the body in several different ways. Due to the power of therapeutic music for brainwave entrainment, it triggers a relaxation response through air transmissions to the body. But this sound does not only travel through the air—there are other ways the body can receive these vibrations too. 

Sound frequencies also pass through the transducer and into the body through physical vibration to massage the cells and deep tissues. Cells vibrate at their own frequencies, so as you are exposed to different frequencies each day, the body can become out of sync with its own prime resonance (or state of harmony). The VAT frequencies are designed to return the body to a harmonious state and can address certain organs or areas of discomfort. Because of the physical vibrations, the body also receives tactile stimulation and skeletal joint relaxation. 

Finally, the body receives the therapeutic benefits of the VAT frequencies through bone conduction. Nerve impulses in the skull bone allow the brain to receive acoustic energy, even if there is structural hearing loss or damage. A VAT chair or bed allows the music and frequencies to be experienced at low, comfortable volumes while still deeply impacting the body. 

Vibroacoustics can help with stress management, Parkinson's disease, tremors, physical discomfort, recovery from illness, anxiety, sleep, mental clarity, mood, digestion, endocrine function and overall wellness. Choose from convenient packages that allow you to unlock the natural healing abilities in your own body. 


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