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The Spirit of Palo Santo and Other Offerings at Elysian Fields

For thousands of years, the shaman of South America have used Palo Santo for rituals and medicine. The spirit of Palo Santo spoke to them, and they respected and honored the tree. Primarily grown in South and Central America, this citrusy relative to Frankincense and Myrrh does more than clear space. 

The magic of the Palo Santo “plant medicine” begins with death. After the Palo Santo tree dies naturally, the villagers allow the tree to remain on the earth for several years. This is when the spirit of the Palo Santo plant culminates. After the tree has cured on the forest floor, aspects of the tree are used with special attention given to branches which have never touched the earth. These branches, as well as leaves, wood and oil they produce are sacred. 

Wood sticks are formed and used as a “smudge” to clear negative our energy. In native cultures, smudging with Palo Santo was not only thought to purify homes, but to bring prosperity. When the body senses the composition of the Palo Santo, it releases compounds which create euphoria and aid in sleep. These compounds are then released into the blood stream which signals the body to release more compounds that act as natural pain killers.  

On the subject of healing trees, on July 9, 7–8 p.m., Elysian Fields will host a free Zoom event on personal growth with a “tree of life” map. This virtual workshop facilitated by James Wanless is called “The Roadmap to RE: How to RE-cover, RE-bound, RE-invent and RE-New.” In addition, Elysian Fields will host the following guest readers this month as well: Cynthia on July 3, James and Sherry on July 10, Kari and Susan on July 11, and Deni on July 25.  


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