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Vibroacoustic Therapy: Is It Worth the Hype?

by Zooey Seraphine 


If you’ve heard about vibroacoustic chairs and beds, you could be wondering what exactly vibroacoustic therapy is. It might even sound odd, at first, to think that a chair with music passing through it would be more therapeutic  than just bluetoothing your favorite relaxation music. Why then are so many people, including wellness and healthcare professionals, starting to utilize and recommend the treatments? Below, we’ll discuss how vibroacoustic therapy can help to address a myriad of physiological and psychosomatic symptoms and what it actually does for the mind-body connection.  


What is Vibroacoustic Therapy? 

Let’s start by explaining what vibroacoustic therapy actually is and how it works. Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) usually involves the use of low-frequency sound vibrations transferred through a transducer onto a bed, chair or mat, where a client can listen to and physically feel the sounds from the device. Unlike other methods of sound therapy, the sound you receive through a vibroacoustic chair affects the body in several different ways.  

First of all, because it uses the power of therapeutic music designed for brainwave entrainment, it immediately triggers the relaxation response through air transmissions the body receives. But the sound does not only travel through the air. In fact, there are a few other ways your body receives the vibrations, and the tones of the music you hear are not the only therapeutic frequencies the body receives. 

These sound frequencies also pass through the transducer directly into the body through physical vibration which provides a massage for your cells and deep tissues. The cells vibrate at their own frequencies, so as you are exposed different frequencies, based on the energy, stresses, and sounds you encounter, the bodies can become out of sync with its own prime resonance (or state of harmony). The VAT frequencies are designed to return the body to a state of harmony or specifically address certain organs or states of discomfort. Because of the physical vibrations, the body also receives tactile stimulation and skeletal joint relaxation.  

Finally, the body receives the therapeutic benefits of the VAT frequencies through bone conduction. Nerve impulses in the skull bone allow the brain to receive acoustic energy, even if there is structural hearing loss or damage. A well-constructed VAT chair or bed allows the music and frequencies to be felt and experienced at low, comfortable volumes, while still deeply impacting the body with a cellular massage.  


What Can Vibroacoustic Therapy Do for You? 

So how can this inner massage and reharmonization benefit your individual body? Studies conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH), among others resources, have shown that vibroacoustic therapy has significant potential in the following areas: 


●      Reduce pain  

●      Slow respiration and heart rates 

●      Decrease blood pressure 

●      Lower stress 

●      Calm anxious feelings 

●      Reduce fatigue and exhaustion 

●      Relax of muscle tension and inflammation 

●      Lower brain wave frequencies to a theta or delta state 


Besides producing a deep relaxation response, studies have also shown how VAT frequencies can address specific medical issues including, but not limited to, these below: 


●      Autism disorder  

●      Neurological disorders (including Retts syndrome and Parkinson’s disease) 

●      Muscle conditions (including rheumatoid arthritis and cerebral palsy) 

●      Post-operative pain (decreasing rehabilitation time), 

●      Other types of pain (including fibromyalgia) 

●      Circulatory deficiencies 

●      Digestive issues  

●      Insomnia 

●      Depression  

●      Addictions (including alcohol, other substances and gambling).  


Are All Forms of Vibroacoustic Therapy the Same? 

As with all technology, differences in how these devices are built will produce different effects on the body. Moreover, as this technology improves, the possibility for profound effect through vibroacoustic therapy increases.  

At the OM Shoppe & Spa, we have done our research to provide our community with premium, state-of-the-art technology through the hands of an expert craftsman. The OM Shoppe & Spa now offers various spa packages for our amazing Inner Soul Vibroacoustic Chair experience. What makes the Inner Soul VAT chair so special? This chair was built with high quality new advanced technology transducers which produce minimal heat, and “are capable of producing accurate vibration from below 5 to over 1000 Hz. as well as sound well over 20 kHz.” This allows the brain to process the acoustic energy as sound, not just physical shaking. Moreover, yields a strong vibration with low volume, compared to other VAT technology.  

This custom-designed chair was also made with detailed attention and care in a Sound Healing room “over a crystal grid and under a pyramid,” by a craftsman who is deeply passionate about his product and design, and has seen its transformative effects in the improved quality of life of his own family members. 


Bringing Vibroacoustic Therapy to Sarasota 

As vibroacoustic therapy helps to alleviate discomfort and improve mental and physical function, it’s safe to conclude that it can, at minimum, help to ease you into relaxation, transform your mental state, and with frequency and duration, improve your overall quality of life in a drug-free and non-invasive way. 



You can schedule a consultation with The OM Shoppe & Spa to learn more about how Vibroacoustics can help enhance your wellness. For more information, call 941-706-3257 or visit 




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