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Letter of Publisher August 2020

As we roll into August, so much about our world still remains uncertain. Normally around this time of year, children and parents would be readying themselves for back-to-school season, but as the pandemic continues to escalate, it’s hard to predict what exactly this month has in store. Our objective here at Natural Awakenings is to fill our readers with positivity, enlightenment and inspiration, no matter the circumstances or curveballs that life can throw—and this issue is no different. I hope you will find enjoyment and respite within these pages, so please join me as we look inside the August issue!  

This month, we primarily want to turn our attention to holistic wellness. Since it feels more important than ever right now to prioritize whole-body health, our August feature article is all about “Biological Dentistry” which takes a natural approach to oral care through evidence that dental health is connected to heart, brain, immune and skeletal function too. In addition to gum and tooth issues, a biological dentist will also focus on hormone imbalances, sleep patterns, nutrition intake and medical history to form a comprehensive treatment plan without the use of any toxic chemicals or invasive methods. In a time when many of us are concerned about health, this is an excellent resource to dive into.    

 It’s also vital to recognize that wellness is a state of harmony in both the mind and body—if one is weakened, impaired or over-stressed, your mental and physical health can suffer. This is why self-care rituals that reinforce the mind-body connection are so beneficial, and our “Fit Body” article for this month explores mindful walking as an activity to promote this balance. Not only is walking a simple and effective cardio exercise, it also calms the mind and even functions as a kind of meditation. As this article points out, walking outside has been found to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional disturbances.   

Finally, whether or not children are able to return to their classrooms this fall, we need to ensure and their immune systems are protected and strengthened as much as possible, so this month’s “Healthy Kids” article discusses how to do that in a counterintuitive way. Research shows that, in an effort to shield their young bodies from infectious germs, adults sometimes lower kids’ natural immunity. Whereas, a more helpful alternative might be to expose children—within reason, of course—to potential germs, so they can build the antibodies to fight off illness. In fact, this article continues, basic interventions such as riding a horse and living with a pet can boost children’s resistance to conditions like asthma or allergies.                 

 I hope this whets your appetite for all that’s inside our August issue. As usual, please send any comments, questions or feedback you might have to [email protected], and I wish you a safe, healthy, peaceful transition into this brand new month!   


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