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Immune Health Made Accessible: Q&A with Super Value Nutrition

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer 


In this era of COVID-19, immune function has taken on an entirely new meaning. As the viral cases have escalated in Florida, masks are required in many public areas, and medical workers rush to treat symptoms for which there is no vaccine, the fragile nature of health looms all around us—and so does the importance of protecting it.  

That is where Julia Herman comes in. As the co-owner of Super Value Nutrition, a local family business that has been a Sarasota mainstay for over four decades, Herman has her finger on the pulse of what immune systems need more than ever right now. This community-oriented establishment makes natural wellness affordable in a period of financial uncertainty and goes the extra mile to prioritize the health of everyone who walks through the door.  

To that end, Super Value Nutrition has some exciting new developments to roll out in August which will enable Herman and her team to further broaden their impact on Sarasota residents. And there is no time like the present for their services in the fabric of this community. But instead of just taking my word for it, allow me to pass off the microphone to Herman in the Q&A discussion below.    


Natural Awakenings: I hear you are planning to relocate this month. Could you elaborate on what motivated this decision, where Super Value Nutrition is moving to, and if this relocation also means an expansion of your products or services? 

Julia Herman: Yes! We are relocating a half-mile south of our current Siesta Drive location to a new store at 2300 Bee Ridge Road in The Colonnade plaza. We are in cramped quarters right now and need more space, so this new location means we can introduce more products. We always strive to offer the best selection in town, and we look forward to this move in order to continue doing just that. 


NA: Sarasota is an increasingly wellness centric area with so many businesses that specialize in health. What makes Super Value Nutrition stand out from the crowd? 

Herman: Both our prices and selection are truly hard to beat. We carry a number of well-known brands, but we also have products that will not find in larger stores, and we will special order anything that we do not have in-stock. But our customer service in the main reason that people come in and shop with us—our team is top-notch! This staff cares about our customers, and is always willing to help them find the exact product they are looking for.  


NA: In your experience as a small business owner in this industry, has the continued threat of COVID-19 impacted how aware people have become of their health and the need care for their bodies? How has this influenced your role in the community? 

Herman: Absolutely! When the pandemic struck, it became urgent for many people to take their own health into consideration and protect those they care about. During this time, we have met several new faces in our store, and we continue to help anyone who wants to make healthy changes in their lifestyles. This decision to remain open has also meant ensuring that we keep everyone safe. So as a result, curbside and delivery have become popular, and we will continue to offer both of these services in the future.  


NA: What are some of your personal favorite nutrition brands or products that you recommend to customers in order to help boost their immune systems?    

Herman: A quality probiotic, vitamin D3, b-complex vitamin C and oregano are my top picks for the immune system. I also recommend elderberry, astragalus, echinacea and zinc. But if you do not want to purchase all of those separately, choose a formula. Some of my favorites are Host Defense Comprehensive Immune Support, Buried Treasure ACF, Nature’s Plus Tri-Immune, Bluebonnet Wellness Support and Gaia Quick Defense. Gaia also makes excellent herbs, and I specifically love their oregano. 



Julia Herman is the co-owner of Super Value Nutrition, now located at 2300 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-342-1908 or visit 


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is the Managing Editor of Natural Awakenings Sarasota–Manatee. She also works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer. Her personal blog features tips for embracing an active, nutritious, balanced and empowered lifestyle.  





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