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How to Avoid a Need for the Coronavirus Vaccine

by Fred Harvey, MD 


Here are some basic facts we know about the pandemic of COVID-19: 


  • This virus is different from the common cold because it triggers an overly aggressive immune response in some individuals who contract it. 

  • The virus can spread both easily and rapidly from infected human to human. 

  • Wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands prevent its spread which can help contain the pandemic. 

  • Testing and quarantine are also effective at containment and elimination. 

  • The outdoor spread is minimal, but indoor spread depends on the area’s occupancy, air circulation quality, concentration of viral particles, and duration of contact. 


COVID-19 is known as an autoimmune illness because it causes the body's normal infection defense system runs amok which, in turn, attacks the host body. This is called a cytokine storm. Certain individuals are more susceptible to develop COVID-19 including the elderly population; those with medical illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and respiratory issues; those with type A blood; and the impoverished or malnourished.  

This virus first began to spread like a wave over the planet in December 2019, first in China before infecting other countries as well. It appears the earliest cases in the United States were detected in January 2020. Implementation of basic mitigation and containment techniques that have been used to fight pandemics in the past are effective. 

New Zealand eliminated the virus because its people worked together to contain it using those same effective, simple techniques. Mitigation is still possible here in the U.S. too, even though our nation has the most cases and fatalities to date. We need to promote containment activities like masking and social distancing which includes the limitation of mass gatherings especially indoors.  

We also need an immediate increase in contact tracing with associated and forcible quarantine. In addition, we need to increase testing because it’s crucial to find out who is infectious, so they can be isolated. These actions will mitigate and possibly contain the pandemic. If we do this, there will be no need to use a vaccine that has not even been developed yet. We must contain the pandemic because global mortality rates remain at 5%. In other words, if 300 million Americans contract this virus, 15 million of those Americans will die. 


For up-to-date COVID-19 testing information and questions or to schedule a telehealth consultation with Fred Harvey, MD, to help boost your immunity, call The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine at 941-923-9355. HCIM is located at 3982 Bee Ridge Road, Suite J, Sarasota.  


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