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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Discover Change with HypnoSound© and Vibroacoustics at The OM Shoppe

We all have different methods that help us release stress and nurture our spirits. However, deep lasting personal change is a process and not an event. The professional musicians, sound therapists and clinical hypnotherapists at The OM Shoppe understand that transforming our emotions involves accessing the subconscious mind.  

Meditation can help you exit deeply charged, reactionary states and enter a calmer state of being and allowing you quiet the mind. Hypnosis and NLP is an active process of helping you create permanent change within the body and mind. When professional hypnosis and neurolinguistics is combined with Sound Therapy and Vibroacoustic therapy, this new treatment created at The OM Shoppe called Hypnosound© is born. 

Hypnosound© expertly combines the harmonies, dissonance, tones and textures of therapeutic sound, hypnotic suggestion and language patterns in accordance with vibroacoustic low frequency treatment. This helps clients to relax, improve physical conditions, shift emotions and experience change. This shift often surprises those who are new to these therapeutic effects of Hypnosound©.  

This unique therapy entrains the mind into a theta brainwave state, an optimal state to trigger the body’s natural self-healing capacities. Hypnosound© can help transform your emotions and personal behaviors or reactions.  

In addition, our new vibrational acoustic therapy (VAT) chair treatment combines all the benefits of therapeutic sound and specific frequencies targeted at different organs or physical discomforts. In this vibroacoustic chair, you will experience a gentle, cellular massage pulse as your body receives tactile stimulation and skeletal joint relaxation, while listening to nature sounds. Or choose from our Hypnosound packages to help you sleep better, release anxiety, improve self-esteem, connect to your purpose or enhance performance. 


Location: 4801 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit Mention this article to receive $20 off your Vibroacoustic treatment with Hypnosound©.  

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