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The ABCs of Walking for a Better Balanced, Pain-Free Walk

When you walk, do you experience aches and pains in your knees or back? Are you afraid of losing your balance and falling down? If you have suffered accidents, injuries or illnesses, your walk might have been compromised from the natural flow you had in the past. However, walking is considered one of the best medicines for overall health.   

The ABC’s of Walking for a Better Balanced, Pain-Free Walk is an e-book that explains how re-learning your natural A-Alignment, B-Balance and C-Coordination is a practical way to re-establish an easy, natural and pain-free walk. In fact, you can re-learn how to walk without actually walking, but it is possible to reclaim this optimal alignment, balance and coordination in order to achieve balance without pain. 

Bonnie Kissam, MA,  is offering a “Lightness of Walking Program” online over the course of three Sundays, October 11 and 25 and November 8. Each session will focus on the A, B or C of walking which also includes two Feldenkrais “Awareness through Movement®” lessons—one standing or in a chair and the other lying on the floor.  

There will be replays available and personal challenges within the two weeks between these three Sunday sessions. Kissam has been Feldenkrais Practitioner® here in Sarasota for 20 years, she also has a YouTube channel under the username Bonniek-feldenkrais.     


For more information and to register for Kissam’s “Awareness through Movement®” classes, visit For her YouTube channel, visit 



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