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Letter From the Publisher November 2020

It’s hard to believe, I know, but the holiday season has arrived once again. This year, our festivities might look and feel much different than in the past, but we still have so many reasons to be grateful and to celebrate. Even if we’re socially distanced from loved ones and cannot gather around a table in person for the traditional Thanksgiving feast, we can take a minute to pause and reflect on all the ways our own strength, resilience and connection to humanity has grown in 2020. We are all in this journey together, and that alone is cause for immense gratitude. So as the holidays kick off this month, here’s a glimpse into what Natural Awakenings has in store to help you maintain balance and wellness throughout the season.  


Pre-existing medical issues have been talked about at length this year in the midst of COVID-19, and one condition that affects a major segment of the population is diabetes. Our feature article for this month delves into the numerous lifestyle changes we all can implement on a daily basis to lower the risk of becoming diabetic. Nearly one in three Americans has pre-diabetes, and another one in 10 has the actual illness, but we can push back against these statistics with simple, effective and accessible strategies. These include avoiding toxins, consuming nutritious whole foods, limiting the intake of sugars, bypassing antibiotics and statins, making adequate sleep a priority, and using medicinal herbs to boost insulin.    


One area of wellness that all too often receives nothing more than surface-level attention is skin care. We want a clear, radiant, smooth and youthful appearance, but we tend to overlook the importance of caring for our skin at a cellular depth. However, because skin is the largest organ in our bodies—and the one most exposed to harsh toxins, chemicals and environmental factors—it deserves the kindest treatment possible. This month’s “Healthy Ways” article features natural home remedies to pamper the skin with ingredients most of us already have in our kitchen cabinets. Learn how to make gentle and chemical-free scrubs, toners, balms or masks with green tea, black pepper, turmeric, oats, coconut oil and honey.      


Of course, this November issue would not be complete without a nod to Thanksgiving. While travel restrictions, tight finances and social distance precautions are still in effect for many of us, the occasion can still be special. Our “Conscious Eating” article offers creative ideas and recipes for a plant-based meal that’s sure to delight all the taste buds in attendance. From a sweet potato casserole baked with lemon juice and nutmeg, instead of butter and marshmallows, to a mushroom gravy and pumpkin spice energy balls, there are numerous side dishes and desserts to make this feast a memorable one. So gather some fresh, seasonal produce for a Thanksgiving that’s both nutritious and delicious. 


As usual, my dear readers, this is just a peek into all the wisdom, enlightenment and inspiration you will find in our November issue. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to send comments, questions or general feedback to [email protected] From our team at Natural Awakenings, here’s wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving, a beautiful holiday season and a strong finish in the home stretch of 2020! 







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