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New Online Classes from Feldenkrais in Sarasota

Bonnie Kissam of Feldenkrais in Sarasota invites you to start the year of 2021 with lightness and ease through her online workshops. Take her “Awareness through Movement,” “Taste of Feldenkrais” or “Lightness of Walking” classes, all available on Kissam’s website. Or explore her e-book on YouTube titled The ABCs for a Better Balanced, Pain-Free Walk.  

Also in January, her “Touch to Inform” seminars offer concepts from the Feldenkrais Method® with practical applications for therapists, educators and personal coaches. This seminar will be online the weekend of January 29–31, with a two-hour introduction and a “Freeing Your Neck and Shoulders” class on Friday evening, followed by “Your Walking Engine” on Saturday and “Moving from and through Your Feet” on Sunday. 14 live CEs are available for both LMTs and yoga instructors.  


For more information on the classes, visit To access the e-book, visit For more information on the January seminar, visit  


Natural Awakenings of Sarasota January 2021 Digital Edition



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