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Letter From the Publisher March 2021 Edition

Spring is just around the corner, friends—a season of renewal and regeneration, which is absolutely fitting since our theme for this month’s issue is regenerative wellness. As the warmth of this Florida sunshine awakens fresh air, new life and vibrant possibilities, now is the time to regenerate your health from the inside out. It’s been a long several months, but spring invites you to press the refresh button for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Inside this issue, you’ll unearth all kinds of motivation to embrace the joys of this season.    


On that note, our feature article for this month is on “Regenerative Farming,” a sustainable form of agriculture that restores the natural biodiversity and organic soil matter in a particular climate. These methods lower carbon emissions, improve the water cycle and protect environmental resources. From ranchers in Mexico who use holistic practices to manage their livestock, to farmers in North Dakota who plant diverse crops and enrich the soil with  natural fertilizers, to agriculturalists all over the map who grow local produce free of chemicals, regenerative farming helps to create a healthier future, both for humans and the planet.    


To continue this theme of regeneration, both your mental and physical wellness might need a fresh start after such an enormously stressful year, and our “Green Living” article has a solution: CBD. This non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant has been found effective in medical research to help with numerous issues affecting the mind or body such as insomnia, epilepsy, chronic pain, and even anxiety or depression. If your health and overall quality of life need a regenerative boost, this article explores all the ways that CBD might just be of service. 


If your nutrition habits could use an extra dose of regeneration this season, why not learn how to cultivate your own food with an indoor garden? This month’s “Conscious Eating” article dives into how anyone can grow fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables at home on a windowsill or countertop. From tomatoes and peppers, to microgreens and sprouts, to basil and mint leaves, there are tons of edible plants to exercise your green thumb with. This article walks you through how to start an indoor garden and which varietals are best to grow in this kind of environment. You’ll also find some recipes in there such as sprouted hummus, noodle soup with coconut and shoots, or a green smoothie bowl. Has your mouth begun to water yet?  


As usual, this is just a quick teaser of all the inspiration and enlightenment tucked inside our latest issue. Please reach out with comments, questions or feedback to [email protected], and let us know how our content can best serve you. In the meantime, I wish you a vibrant—and, of course, regenerative—start to this new season. Spring is finally in the air!   

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